Will Vega & Dash Date On 'Minority Report'? Here's Why The Show Shouldn't Go There... Yet

It's just too soon, guys. Just way too soon. On the second episode of Fox's new series Minority Report , the main characters Dash and Vega are already showing signs of romantic tension. Sure, it's happening in small doses. In the pilot, it was just a quick hint of a potential romance when Dash spent time at Vega's home. But on Monday night's episode, which featured a pickup artist as a potential killer and had a storyline involving romance, Dash and Vega were forced to go to a single's club to find their future victim and the possibility of coupledom continued. But here's the thing, while it's simple to make Dash and Vega a couple, I really don't think the series should head in this obvious direction. Dash and Vega should not be a couple, at least not yet.

The episode has Dash and Vega go to a futuristic singles' bar where they have to keep a low profile and fit in while finding their future victim and their future, potential killer. In the future, people are actually nostalgic for the current days of texting and Tinder. Apparently the way they date in the 2050's is through science. Dash and Vega are given cuffs with their DNA, and in order to find out if people are a match, they touch their cuffs together to get a reading. When Dash and Vega touch cuffs the reading says "51% Who Knows?"

It's not that I don't want either of them to fall for each other, it's just that uniting this team in romance is just too soon. Dash and Vega aren't even proper friends yet, they don't really even know each other. Plus there's the added worry that Vega might betray Dash and his Precog family in the future, but of course only Agatha and Arthur know about this.

Clearly Dash is still having trouble in the real world, interacting with people on a regular basis. What Vega needs to do is help Dash with this transition, and the two need to help each other to continue solving cases and protect each other from being exposed of their secrets. Dash can't be turned in as a Precog to the government and Vega will get in major trouble for solving crimes in this unconventional and quite frankly, illegal way. Romance should not even be in the equation yet. It should not even compute. Dash and Vega need someone who they can trust, and that's all they should be to one another for now. I'm not saying never, but I am saying that a slow burn is better than a quick boom.

Images: FOX