How To Dress Up Like Lizzie McGuire For Halloween

This Halloween I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible, but still go for a 2000s vibe, because well, I'm nostalgic and that decade was just too good to me. This got me thinking, "Well, a Lizzie McGuire Halloween costume is the only answer." Why Lizzie McGuire? Because she's iconic, and she basically told the life of my adolescence. Plus, let's be real — no one has time to put together a full-on costume with makeup and accessories...Or maybe that's just me.

Regardless of whether you're into preparing your Halloween outfit weeks or hours before the festivity, going for a Lizzie McGuire costume could be the perfect idea. Think about it: It's affordable, stylish, memorable, and just pretty damn cool. I don't know about everyone else, but if I could relive my glory days with Lizzie McGuire, I totally would.

The first time I watched the show, I couldn't get enough. I probably watched every single rerun possible, one after the other. I remember watching and thinking Lizzie's outfits were just so cool and completely adorable. From her hair clips to her mini skirts, McGuire's fashion game was on point.

If I have convinced you to dress up like our favorite girl from the 2000s, here are the pieces you need to pull off a Lizzie McGuire costume.

Here's your ultimate Lizzie McGuire costume kit.

The Mini Skirt

Denim Patchwork Mini Skirt, $17, ASOS

It's obvious that the mini skirt was all the rage during the 2000s. Everyone at my middle school was rocking them in all sorts of colors and fabrics, and it was all thanks to Lizzie, who would wear them in practically every episode.

The Denim Jacket

Denim Western Jacket, $57, ASOS

Denim jackets are ALWAYS in, and yes, you can wear them on Halloween, too. Lizzie was always wearing some sort of denim piece, but I always loved it most when rocked her jean jacket.

The Blouse

Otelia Burnout Crop Top, $6, Missguided

Lizzie always had the cutest tops that were cropped ever so slightly. When I was a pre-teen girl, she was definitely my inspo for school day outfits. Find a blouse that's in a bright or pastel color, like baby blue, pink, and purple.

The Hair Accessories

Chevrin Headband, $3, Claires

Lizzie's accessories were always a huge part of her outfit. Find a spunky headband that has none of the same colors as your outfit and you're good to go. The more wild the print it is, the better.

Butterfly Hairclip, $4, Amazon

Why not add some butterfly clips, too? Lizzie had the craziest hairdos. Go big or go home!

The Sneakers

Canvas Lace-Up Sneaker, $24, Urban Outfitters

Lizzie always wore pretty simple sneakers, as long as they're sporty and comfortable.

The Handbag

Berry Boho Print Tote Bag, $10, Claires

Similar to the headband you choose for your Lizzie-inspired outfit, pick a purse with a bunch of funky patterns and bright colors.

See? Totally possible to be just like Lizzie on Halloween.

Images: Lizzie McGuire Movie/Disney; Courtesy of Brands