Meghan Calls Brooks' Doctors On 'Real Housewives of Orange County' — And This Time She Went Too Far

Going into this episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, it seemed like the big news of the episode was going to be that Brooks showed a doctor's appointment on the show, taking a trip with Vicki to see an actual professional, who did indeed confirm that Brooks' file said that he had cancer. But instead, that was totally overshadowed by the revelation that Meghan Edmonds called Brooks' doctor again, proving that she has totally lost her ability to have anything approaching healthy boundaries with her costars on this show.

I was rooting for Meghan for most of the season. She's been affected by cancer in multiple ways over the years, with both her biological family and Jim's ex suffering from the disease. And she even documented her own potential diagnosis. But instead of offering support when Vicki came forward with actual documentation, she instead beat the same drum that she's been playing since practically the beginning of the season: he's lying. At this point, why should it even matter if Brooks is telling the truth? Pretty much all he's doing is trying to get healthy... if he were to start fundraising, or something, I could see her drive. I don't see why this offends Meghan so much, since RHOC has both demonstrated that Brooks is super unreliable and that cancer sucks. I think at this point, she's starting to overstep her bounds, calling doctors for medical records that don't belong to her.

But regardless, she called and found out that the scans Brooks showed the ladies were in fact, possibly faked, and, further, didn't really show cancer — they showed "masses" that the doctor from earlier in the episode said were caused by cancer.

Whether Vicki and Brooks are trying to pull one over on Tamra or not, at this point, it's been so long that I think Meghan really needs to let this go... for the sake of her own mental health. And for the audience's, because if another week goes by with her "investigation," RHOC might become unwatchable.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo