We're Still Talking About Brooks' Cancer On 'RHOC'

Well, another week, another episode of Real Housewives of Orange County focused around Brooks' cancer. The ongoing issue of the Housewives believing Brooks' cancer has basically been the only plot line going on this season (along with Shannon's husband's infidelity), and this episode was no different. So allow me to say this on behalf of America: PLEASE MOVE ON, EVERYONE INVOLVED. Have you heard of the expression "beating a dead horse"? Well, this is beating it, kicking it, poking it. Let's move on, because no one is changing their minds and it's getting a little old.

The episode picked up where we left off last week: the women fighting with Vicki about Brooks' maybe not having cancer. The setting could be at any party, since it's happened at every single party of the season. This time it was at Shannon's Aries party, but once again, it's all the same party in the grand scheme of things. Like every episode, the women took turns questioning Vicki about Brooks' diagnosis. This time, it was Heather who confronted Vicki privately about what people are saying about Brooks. Vicki, of course, knows all this because every other Housewife has said it to her.

After the party, the women gossip in the safety of their own homes or gyms. We have Meghan talking to Tamra talking about Vicki still talking about Brooks' cancer. Did you follow that? Because I barely did. Either way, this is the gasoline that the blazing fire needs to make this season interesting. The only thing the other women don't seem to realize is that this is affecting Vicki a lot. And how could it not be? She's been thrown in the thick of this drama.

That was very obvious during a lunch with Shannon, when Vicki basically broke down to her friend who was grilling her about Brooks' health. Like Heather, Shannon told Vicki the way to end all of this was to have Brooks show his diagnosis sheet. Then, the other women would look like "morons" if they had a sheet of paper disproving their conspiracy theories about Brooks not having cancer.

Whether Brooks is or isn't lying about this, maybe if the women stop giving it attention it won't be an issue anymore. My mom always taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. They are single-handedly making this issue as controversial as it is, because they haven't let. it. go.

Let it go, ladies.

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