Recap 'The Good Wife' Season 6 Before Season 7 Premieres & Changes Everything

Alicia Florrick is back and possibly stronger than ever as we head into The Good Wife Season 7. Right now, it looks like Alicia and Louis Canning may team up to take down Lockhart, Agos & Lee, and to be honest, Florrick/Canning would probably become the best law firm around. All Alicia and Louis need is Elsbeth Tascioni on their side and they would be unstoppable. There will also be some new faces around though, including a new enemy named Lucca Quinn for Alicia and a new investigator, Jason, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka Denny from Grey’s Anatomy).

In the dramatic Season 6 finale, we said goodbye to Kalinda forever. But she wasn't the only loss last season. Finn Polmar left the show as well, as TVLine reported that Matthew Goode will not return to Season 7 as a series regular. Still,The Good Wife Season 6 ended on a generally optimistic note, as the finale closed on Alicia opening her door to find Louis Canning standing there with one very important question: “Wanna partner?”

Of course, it took a lot to reach that point, so in case your Good Wife knowledge is a little rusty, here's a recap of Season 6 to get you ready for what's shaping up to be a totally different Season 7.

Cary’s Arrest

In the very first episode of Season 6, Cary was charged for helping Lemond Bishop move $1.3 million of heroin. Of course, he’s not actually guilty of this, so Alicia and Kalinda have to get him out of prison, which pretty much runs the course of the entire season. In the midseason finale, Cary went to trial and accepted a plea deal, but still faced prison time. When the show returned, Alicia and Kalinda had five hours to produce proof that the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence. This is when Kalinda falsified the email metadata, which let to Cary’s release.

Kalinda’s Exit

Kalinda was pretty much attacked from all angles this season. It’s no news to us that Kalinda would do something illegal to help get Cary out of jail, but her plans seemed to push her further and further into the rabbit hole, until the only thing she could do was leave town. She managed to get Cary out of jail, worm her way out of an internal investigation at the State’s Attorney Office, and blackmail Lemond’s lawyer Mr. Lester into leaving her alone. She says a proper good bye to Alicia (shots included) and heads out of town. For good.

What Happened With Finn?

Finn was still working at the State’s Attorney office in the first half of the season under James Castro. After Alicia announced her run for State’s Attorney, Finn quickly realized that Castro was pretty much the worst and just trying to take down Alicia, instead of doing what was right, and walked out. I had high hopes for a Finn/Alicia hook up last season, but my dreams were dashed in the finale when he announced that he couldn’t be Alicia’s partner because he was getting back together with his ex-wife. He knew there was something between them, but had to leave in order to make his marriage work. I'll never forget you, Finn.

The State’s Attorney Race

Early on in the season, Eli convinces Alicia to run for State’s Attorney. As it turns out, she was pretty successful, considering she won the damn thing. Her win was short-lived however, as most happy things are on The Good Wife, when a box of voting machines were rigged to give votes to Alicia instead of Frank. She then gets a lawyer from the Democratic party who royally screws her over, publicly announcing that she was lying about having no involvement with the voting fraud. She didn’t even get to settle into her office before she was forced to step down.

Peter In The Governor’s Office

Even though he was plagued with scandal in the past, Eli Gold has proved he can bring even the worst people back to the top. The fact that Peter now sits in the Governor’s office is proof. It’s actually a pretty boring season for Peter, save for him and Alicia being pretty much over. He hires a personal lawyer, an old friend of his who he quickly starts dating. By the end of the season, he reveals that he’s running for president in the hopes that he will lose the race, but be chosen as vice president instead. The race will probably be a prominent plotline for Season 7, which means more Eli Gold!

Why Louis Canning Is Pissed

Louis Canning threatened to burn Lockhart, Agos & Lee to the ground in the finale. But why? Because they unknowingly hired his wife, who used her maiden name so she could stand on her own two feet, and then fired her simply for being his wife. Canning is out for blood, and I mainly hope he gets it from David Lee.

With of all that in play, Season 7 may just be the best in The Good Wife history.

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