Kim K & North West Posed For A 6AM Selfie

They woke up like "this" and by "this," I mean "with perfect hair." Kim Kardashian and North West posed for a 6 a.m. and both mom and daughter had the most perfect hair of very different textures and lengths. Kardashian looked naturally beautiful with a minimal mount of makeup — just some pink lip gloss and mascara. The contouring and strobing looks that the reality star loves to rock were not in effect yet! Her hair fell in layered, face-framing waves.

Then there was pretty girl North, who is about to be a big sister! North West's Minnie Mouse dress was something else; it was sweet to see her in something less high fashion, since she is usually a best-dressed, Balmain-wearing tot. North is a pint-sized fashion plate. But her wardrobe has dimension and depth and the Minnie Mouse frock is the proof. Those polka dots, though. They looked amazing on her.

But how about those natural curls? Absolutely gorgeous, right? North's hair is often brushed back and off her face, swept into a ponytail. We don't always get a look at these loose curlycues.

It was quite an intimate view of mom and daughter as they got ready to face their day. Kanye West is certainly surrounded by a pair of beautiful ladies in his nuclear family.

Aren't they a stunning pair? Kardashian gets criticized for being all sorts of done up and super glam 24/7, and for dressing North in impractical outfits. But this super sweet photo drowns out all of that noise. It feels like we stumbled upon the ladies as they were preparing for whatever happened to be on their itinerary. There was no pretense here at all.

It's a totally sincere and sweet moment between a very stylish mom and daughter duo.

And remember that time North was a little mermaid? See, she has plenty of realistic little girl moments. You just need to look for 'em.

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Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (2)