New 'The X-Files' Reboot Teaser Trailers Show Not Much Has Changed For Mulder & Scully — VIDEO

During episodes of Gotham and Minority Report Tuesday night, Fox gave us the best present ever: A two-part trailer for The X-Files reboot. And this time, there's dialogue! If you don't remember, Fox released 15 seconds of footage from the new six-part series back in July. That teaser quenched our thirsts for a moment, but the need for more information regarding the revival was weighing heavy on us all. Thankfully, these new trailers provide us with more insight. Not a lot, mind you, but the most we have so far. The truth is still out there everyone! Let us not forget our quest to find it!

A lot has changed since the show ended in 2002 (not counting the 2008 film), and yet, after 13 years, the world of Mulder and Scully still looks eerily similar. Many things about the newly released teasers provide us with callbacks to the original series, and I can't help but notice that, while this is obviously a modern rendition of the classic TV show, there are a lot of elements that have remained the same.

That's not to say that this is surprising. So much of what makes this show iconic needed to return, otherwise what would be the point? You have to give the people what they want! And, if what they want is David Duchovny in sunglasses and conspiracy theories about alien invasion, then I think I speak for everyone when I say bring it on. So, with that being said, here are the things that haven't seemed to change.

1. The Music

Raise your hand if you got chills.

2. The Setting

The X-Files was filmed where all great American television shows are filmed: Canada. According to The Huffington Post, the revival was shot there as well.

3. Mulder's Still Personally Obsessed With Aliens

Within the first two seconds of the trailer, we already know where this is headed. Mulder narrates, "In 2002, my investigation ceased, but my personal obsession did not." That's some admirable dedication, man.

4. Empty Warehouses

What is The X-Files if not a collection of instances where Mulder disappointingly walks into every empty warehouse ever in Vancouver and the surrounding areas?

5. The I Want To Believe Poster Is Still Iconic

We all want to believe that there are more copies of this poster in existence, because seeing it on the floor like that made me actually cringe.

6. Skinner


7. Scully Still Looks Stressed

She has valid reasons, but, like, I'm worried about her.

8. Mulder Is Still Paranoid

"We've never been in more danger." True fact: Mulder has this quote tattooed on his chest.

9. So Many Flashlights

It's 2015, but electricity is still scarce.

10. The Smoking Man

Mulder's arch nemesis is back/has yet to discover nicotine patches.

Watch the two trailers below.

Like Mulder so eloquently asks Scully in the trailer above, "Are you ready for this?” The X-Files returns Jan. 24, 2016, so you better be.

Images: TelevisionPromos/YouTube (10)