13 TV Shows From 2013 You Must Finish In Order to Graduate to 2014

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For most of us, the New Year is all about resolutions — how we'll be better in the coming months. We sign up for gyms, order torture devices disguised as juice cleanses, and spend our holiday gift cards on organizational tools we'll stop using in February. But when it comes to really great television, the only resolution you need to make is to be caught up by Jan. 1.

This year, the medium offered some seriously delicious dishes and folks who fell behind are going to have a seriously difficult time keeping up in 2014 — keeping up with the TV schedule, Twitter, and general water cooler chatter.

Here lie the 13 most important TV series of 2013. If you've seen them all, congratulations, you're ready for 2014. If you haven't, cue up the Netflix and iTunes season passes, grab some coffee and snacks. You've got five more days to graduate from 2013 TV with flying colors.

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