Demi Lovato Covers 'Complex' In Her Undies

Thanks to Gigi Hadid's latest Instagram post which slams her haters, more and more celebrities are showing their support for the positive body image movement. Now, Demi Lovato covers Complex magazine in nothing but her underwear, making a definitive statement about owning her body and proving that a change is underway. In the words of Hadid, "At least be open if not part of the change, because it's undeniably happening."

It seems we are finally making headway towards more inclusive ideas of what counts as beautiful, and celebs like Lovato are only helping the cause.

In the gorgeous cover shot, Lovato is seen totally naked, apart from a pair blue itty bitty undies and sky-high leopard heels. Her lady bits are covered by strategic placement of her arms, and her face is frozen in a gasp-like expression as she poses with a giant inflatable banana. Her hair and makeup are flawless, reminiscent of the classic look of a pinup girl with silky waves, thick liner, and a red lip.

The 23-year-old has been pretty vocal about her longtime body image issues, openly discussing her battle with anorexia and bulimia. According to Complex, she is now embracing her body, telling the mag that she is happier and healthier than ever.

She does look extremely happy and comfortable in her own skin, indeed. Take a look at the gorgeous cover.

So stunning.

Lovato also reveals her ultimate body inspiration: The Kardashians. "When they came into the spotlight, they kind of revolutionized what beauty was when it came to body shapes" Complex reports. "Watching them really helped me learn to accept my body image, too." she adds. Let's take a look at six other times Lovato embraced her body on her own terms.

1. On The Cover Of Cosmopolitan

She defended her sultry Cosmo cover after critics claimed it was "too sexy," telling fans there is nothing wrong with embracing your body and sexuality.

2. On The Cover Of Her New Album

Per the title of her album, Lovato is clearly confident.

3. In Her Sexy VMAs Outfit

This has "I'm feeling myself" written all over it.

4. On The Cover Of Fitness

Killin' it.

5. At The I Heart Radio Festival

Work it, girl.

6. In Her "Cool For The Summer" Video


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