These Trump-Inspired Artworks Are Truly Something

We might have reached peak Donald Trump months ago, but while he's still in the public eye like an irritating cold sore that won't heal, we might as well capitalize on his entertainment factor. Trump is like a genie lamp granting endless wishes for mockery, merriment, and parody. It was only a matter of time before the more creatively gifted of us started creating art inspired by the blowfish disguised as a man disguised as a politician. These Donald Trump-inspired works of art range from seemingly earnest attempts at realism to more abstract representations of the presidential candidate, but every single one is a masterpiece. No, that's not up for debate. Every single one is priceless.

Some might find inspiration in the bucolic countryside, while others enjoy rendering still life, but judging by these Trump artworks, whoever created them must have been so moved by their subject that they had out-of-body experiences. Even just viewing these you'll surely feel chills down your spine, perhaps a tingle in your stomach... OK, maybe that's just disgust. But maybe it's not — maybe it's just that you're in the presence of pure greatness.

Mixed in with the more classical paintings and drawings are Trump artworks using everyday household objects and more contemporary, new-media representations of The Donald that will surely appeal to younger generations. There's a Donald for everyone, guys.

Yes, sometimes something truly inspired comes out of someone who's deliberately contentious, blatantly sexist, pathetically spiteful, and wholly idiotic. It's kind of like how sad clown paintings move a part deep inside of us that we didn't even know existed.

Behold, 18 masterpieces inspired by Donald Trump. Expect to see them fetching millions at Christie's sometime in the near future.

This might be my favorite interpretation of Trump yet:

And here is my own Trump-inspired masterpiece:

Images: istolethetv/Flickr (1);