When Will Nicki Minaj's Comedy Show Premiere? The Wait Will Be Long, But Worth It

Guys. GUYS. Stop whatever you're doing, because there is something 10 times more important than that going on. Nicki Minaj has a TV series coming to ABC Family, a scripted comedy series about her life growing up in Queens, New York that the rapper will executive produce and appear in. Sure, her "appearances" are likely to just be as the narrator á la Everybody Hates Chris, but even that is more Minaj on my TV screen than I usually get. Naturally, I'm already starved for information about the project, but there is no question that is more important to me than when does Nicki Minaj's TV series premiere?

Hold your horses there, fellow Barbies, because we are in for a long wait. The news of the project being in development just hit the Internet on Tuesday, in a press release in which both Minaj and ABC Family representatives expressed their breathless excitement for the project. (Or, OK, they expressed excitement and it just made me breathless. Whatever.) Not only does the project not even have a title yet, but the first episode doesn't film until the winter of 2015. If everything turns out well for us, then that means that the earliest we can expect to watch Minaj's scripted comedy series is Fall 2016 — so, like, an entire year from now.

An entire year between us and Minaj's first television show? Say it ain't so, Hollywood, say it ain't so! Then again, maybe it's a good thing that we have such a long wait ahead of us. In the first place, it already gives us something to look forward to next fall, besides the return of the next seasons of all the shows we are currently enjoying, and, you know, the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte I currently have in my hand. In the second place, I want to give Minaj plenty of time to make this TV series as amazing as I'm sure that it's going to be, even if she needs to take an entire year to do it. In the third place, it means I have plenty of time to try out for a role as an extra in the background of the scenes. (Cough.)

So, settle in, put all of Minaj's albums and mixtapes on repeat, and start counting down the days until we get exciting casting announcements and a real release date beyond just what we can speculate. Minaj is coming to TV — to ABC Family, even! — and that alone is enough news to make your Tuesday that much brighter, am I right?

Image: Gifwave