Eliza Coupe & Mindy Are Squad Material

I'd never complain about anything Mindy Project related, because like Morgan, my queen can do no wrong. But, there's been something that has bothered me (and other viewers) since Season 2 of the comedy. After the first season of The Mindy Project , Mindy's girl squad disappeared one-by-one. I'm sure there was a business reason to why friends like Gwen, Alex, or even the best gym teacher ever, Maggie, were written out of the show, but color me looney, The Mindy Project just isn't the same when Mindy's only friend is Morgan. So when Eliza Coupe joined The Mindy Project as the sexually-active, Justin Bieber publicist neighbor, I thought, Could this be the match made in female friendship we've been waiting for?

In the episode "Leo Castellano Is My Son" (which is a great nod to the "Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist/ Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist" that the past seasons have featured), Mindy and Danny confront their loud neighbor for disturbing them at night. At first, it seemed like Chelsea, Coupe, was only going to be a one time thing. A hey, I'm a guest star, I'm going to hit-it-and-quit-it, kind of role. That could very well be the case, but the chemistry Mindy and Chelsea had was one that I personally think needs to be explored more. Like, throughout the entire season. And the season after that. If Eliza Coupe joined Mindy Lahiri's girl squad, the lack of friends in Mindy's life, at Mindy's baby shower, etc., would feel like a thing of the past. Because, we've already lost Adam Pally. Losing another Happy Endings star on Mindy would be a travesty.

Eliza Coupe might not stick around for long, but her proximity to Mindy and Danny (right next door, which is so convenient) and her awesome, cool-girl attitude that you know Mindy Lahiri is dying to be around makes it tough to not imagine what that girl squad could be like. If we can't get Coupe, there are a few other options out there.

Let's see Tamra and Mindy get a little closer. While it would be nice to get some new blood in the mix, Xosha Roquemore's role on the show has gone from supporting to scene-stealer. Mindy and Tamra have worked together before, but it would be nice to see them explore a bit of a deeper friendship.

Or, Kaling and writing crew could possibly bring back an old friend. Maggie was my dream character. She was hilarious and sometimes inappropriate. Gwen balanced out Mindy's outrageous story lines, and made Mindy feel more ever-existing, since the two had been friends since college. Alex kind of fell of the face of the Earth after dating Danny — kind of awkward now — but even an update on that friendship would be amazing.

Or, an introduction of a new female character could be just what the show needs. Kaling has aired her grievances on how hard it is to make female friends as an adult. I don't disagree with her, but I also don't think that's any reason to just not write in friends. Mindy Lahiri is a character who has so much going for her, the only flaw is her lack of female friends. It's impossible to believe that if Mindy Lahiri existed in real life, that she wouldn't have female friends. So let's make it happen. Sign up for friends.com, go on some blind-friend dates, whatever needs to happen to make Mindy Lahiri the well-rounded character she deserves to be.

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