Watch Jason Sudeikis Smooth Talk Amanda Peet In New 'Sleeping With Other People' Clip — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Sleeping with Other People, in limited release now and out nationally Oct. 2, is a romantic comedy unlike any you have seen before — no surprise, considering the film is helmed by Leslye Headland, a writer and director who is known for shaking things up when it comes to traditional genres. First, there was Bachelorette, a bitingly sharp look at female friendship, and now, there's People, a movie that addresses the question, "can men and women be just friends?" with hilarious realness. Both movies, but especially Sleeping with Other People , are feminist, realistic must-sees, comedies that feel rough and recognizable and reflect the attitudes of actual people, not movie-made caricatures.

Take, for example, this clip from People, featuring star Jason Sudeikis attempting to hit on his boss, played by Amanda Peet. Typically in a rom-com, there would be a playful flirtation between the two characters, with the woman coyly baiting the man. Not Sleeping with Other People, though. Even though there is a hint of flirtation in the scene, it doesn't seem sugary and fake, like it does in so many movies. Instead, watching Paula and Jake banter feels realistic and true to the characters; Paula is headstrong and adamant about not wanting to date Jake, and Jake, despite what seems like good intentions, clearly enjoys the chase.

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Just as Bachelorette was the unconventional answer to the typical female friendship film, People puts a unique spin on the traditional rom-com. As the clip above shows, both the movie's male and female characters are strong and three-dimensional, with thoughts and desires that reflect reality. The women, especially, aren't sidelined, as if they're simply waiting for men to dictate their happiness and have no opinions of their own.

The scene fits well into the big picture of Sleeping with Other People, a movie that many have been comparing to When Harry Met Sally. As the clip shows, though, there's a key difference: instead of just trying to answer the aforementioned question, "Can men and women be just friends?", the film adds to the conversation, and changes it up completely.

"I think they know they can't be friends," Headland said to Bustle in a recent interview. "For Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, it really felt like they were asking themselves a philosophical question. I think this film is a little more about people who know that they're lonely and are desperate for someone else to witness that."

Sleeping With Other People may not answer the age-old question for you, but it will definitely make you look at your own relationships a lot differently.

Image: IFC Films