The Best Selfies Yet?

by Emma Cueto

Selfies. They're not just for teenagers anymore. Like not even a little bit. Once middle-aged farmers in the British Isles start posting selfies, you know that the phenomenon is truly widespread. So thank you, Irish Farmers Journal, for your "Selfies on a Farm" contest, which brought us farmers posing with their livestock and created our second favorite selfie trend of all time next to #FeministSelfie.

If we want to introduce a serious dimension into this whole thing, we could talk about how selfies clearly have the potential to be a powerful tool in giving everyone the option to represent themselves out in cyberspace. After all, even though they are often not as candid as they are made out to be, the act of taking a picture of yourself and posting it to the Internet can be a radical act, a way of saying "Here I am. I exist." And so the more people take selfies, the more people are represented in — OK, that's enough seriousness. Farmers take selfies, guys.

The journal selected their 10 favorite submissions from the contest and posted them to Facebook the let their viewers vote for the favorite. The winner is shown above, but we've also picked out a few of our other favorites. You can also check out other "felfies" here on Imagur. Here's hoping this becomes a trend!

Images: Facebook