Selena Gomez Wore Pajamas Out In Paris & Made Them Look Super Chic — PHOTO

Emulating celebrity style is fun in theory, but isn't always practical. I mean, it's not like I'm about to go to Chipotle in stiletto boots or a naked dress, but Selena Gomez just wore pajamas out in Paris, according to Elle, so stealing celebrity style just got a whole lot easier. I have a feeling she's about to become a lot of people's favorite style icon.

Gomez is currently on a whirlwind European press tour, which you would generally think calls for one chic ensemble after the other (especially while in Paris), but the "Come & Get It" singer broke all rules and decided to step out in pajamas instead. My respect for her just reached an entirely new level.

I know what you're thinking — they aren't actually pajamas, just silk, pajama-inspired separates, which, by the way, are super trendy right now. But nope. These are, in fact, actual pajamas, guys. The Derek Rose London set is royal blue, with a button-down top and loose, comfy pants. So she did, legitimately, #wakeuplikethis. Though, to mitigate that just rolled out of bed vibe, Gomez paired the PJs with red, strappy sandals, a glam red lip, and perfect, sleek hair. So it's like, comfy elegant. (And definitely Chipotle appropriate).

Ready to cozy it up and try out the just-rolled-out-of-bed look? Here are some options for how to wear pajamas without looking like you just got out of bed.

1. Derek Rose London

Steal Selena's exact pair and you are good to go. (Jacquard Piped Pyjamas; $212;

2. Eberjay

If a full-set feels like too much, just try a pajama top and pair it with jeans. (Eberyjay; $102;

3. P. James

Since this pair isn't silk, it looks a little less "bedroomy." (P.James; $120;

4. Cosabella

A cropped, fitted capri pant makes it look less like sweats. (Cosabella; $54;

5. Ralph Lauren

Black just somehow feels more professional. (Ralph Lauren; $78;

6. Topshop: Shorts

Pair these with a professional looking top, or pop a blazer on and no one will be the wiser. (Topshop Striped Shorts; $26;

7. Topshop-Shirt

This comfy PJ shirt would look just like a regular button-up over leggings or jeans. (Topshop Striped Night Shirt; $50;

Images: Derek Rose; Neiman Marcus; Neiman Marcus Last Call; Zappos; Topshop