Who Will Nicki Minaj Play On Her TV Show?

Exciting news for Nicki Minaj fans everywhere: It appears the singer/actress is stepping behind the camera for her latest creative project. And, though it might seem like this would give us all less Minaj, trust me: It sounds like her best project yet. On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Nicki Minaj will be executive producing a TV comedy based on her own life for ABC Family. The still-unnamed show will reportedly revolve around Minaj’s family’s move to NYC from Trinidad in the early ‘90s, and will take place in Queens — where the star was raised. And, even better: While the show will be about her very colorful family and all of the situations and circumstances that led to her eventual fame in the music industr, producing is not all that Minaj will be doing on the new show: It’s being reported that she will also appear on the show from time to time. So, the question is begged: who will Nicki Minaj play in the television show about her own life?

I mean, it's a fair question, considering it’s unlikely that she will be playing herself. As ageless as she may appear at all times, Minaj recently confirmed via Instagram that the search was on for someone to play “Young Nicki” — so that means the star is unfortunately out for playing her younger self. Although, I suppose since she said "Young Nicki," it might be possible that she plays herself in the present or near past, like if show is one long flashback (kind of like How I Met Your Mother). If that were the case, there might be an occasional scene that required the current Nicki to think back on her life and how she got to where she is today. That would definitely be a natural way to get the star on screen in the new show.

But, just in case the show ends up being a more standard 30 minute, single-camera comedy, I think it’s likely that Minaj could play someone either in her family or someone who influences "Young Nicki" in her career. Like, maybe a positive role model like a teacher or a talent scout? After all, Minaj had a start-studded life, even as a teenager: According to Deadline, after she immigrated to NYC with her family, she studied acting at Manhattan’s prestigious LaGuardia High School — which, in case you don’t recognize that name, is the Fame school. If the show covers that time in Minaj’s life, there will plenty of roles to cast for influential teachers and people in the business... roles that she would totally be perfect in.

The new comedy series will air on ABC Family, but, considering the show is still in its casting stage, it probably won’t be out until at least the spring. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t hold our collective breaths until then! I know I will be.