Amy Poehler's Smart Girls Launches "The Other Side," A Hilarious Beauty Web Series — VIDEO

The queen of comedy has done it again. To the joy of many of her glam-loving fans, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls website launched a new beauty video series, called "The Other Side." The very talented Annamarie Tendler hosts the show, in which she demonstrates a makeup skill on one side of the guest's face, and then has them do the other — while asking them about their paranormal experiences and Leonardo DiCaprio. I'm sold.

In the first installment of the series, Tendler shows viewers how to do a red lip on hysterical Girl Code star Nicole Byer, aka my future BFF. Her trick? She uses a blue-red lip pencil and an orange red lipstick shade. The key to a killer red lip, she says, is using "a lipliner that's darker and has a different undertone."

After lining the lip with the very point of the liner, she fills in the lip just a little past the original line. After applying the lipstick, she goes back over the edges with the lipliner to "tone down the orange-y red."

Considering the three things she loves in this world, makeup, the paranormal, and Leonardo DiCaprio (oh, and her husband, comedian John Mulaney,) it's only fitting that she incorporates all of those things into the videos. Armed with an arsenal of products, a ouija board, and photos of Leo, Tendler is all ready to make this our new favorite beauty how-to series.

I mean, hey, who says smart girls can't love makeup?

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