Disclosure & Lorde's "Magnets" Music Video Introduces Us To An Entirely Different Version Of The Singer — VIDEO

In case there's any doubt, Lorde is perfecting the art of the musician's evolution. Lorde and Disclosure's "Magnets" already casted the singer in a sultrier light, but the song's music video takes the image to a whole new level. While Pure Heroine celebrated the singer navigating the rocky waters into adulthood, this track confirms that she's arrived. It's a new dimension of Lorde, but the best part is that it feels like a natural progression for her.

In the "Magnets" video, Lorde embarks on a pretty hot and heavy affair with a married man. From the way she smolders at the camera, it's clear she's in control, which we should all heed as a warning as the rest of the video plays out. The man's affair begins to wear on his relationship with his wife, but where "Magnets" could veer into cliche territory, it just gets better. Lorde and the wife team up to take down the man, with the singer pushing him into a swimming pool and lighting it on fire.

After the video debuted, Lorde tweeted about her "Magnets" character, saying, "One of my life goals has always been 'to one day play a hitgirl who pretends to seduce then burns alive douchey boyfriends.'"

I promised this would be a different side of the singer. Lorde's chillingly calm demeanor in the video is perfect. It's not at all how she carries herself in real life, which makes the storyline of "Magnets" all the cooler. You can watch "Magnets" below and check out 13 moments from the video that introduce us to a new Lorde.

1. When She Casually Rocks This White Gown

Okay, this isn't that different, but attention needed to be paid to this look.

2. When She Spies The Other Woman

She's saying, "She your girlfriend?"

3. When She Makes Her Move

She's such a strong presence.

4. When She Stares Down The Camera

Like, an unwaveringly strong presence.

5. When She Storms Off

She's not afraid to show a little attitude and it totally works.

6. When You Can Detect A Difference In The Wife

It's clear that Lorde made an impact on the man.

7. When Lorde Literally Makes Him Chase Her

A metaphor for her status in the relationship.

8. When We Meet Her Darker Side

She's enchanting even though we can't see her face.

9. When There's A New Edge To Her Presence

And it's freakin' amazing.

10. When She's The Perfect Balance Of Goth Elegance

She's in full-on fierce mode.

11. When The Wife Acknowledges Lorde

You know something's about to go down.

12. When Lorde Pushes The Man In The Pool

But that's not all ....

13. When She Sets The Pool On Fire

Unfaltering confidence, right here.

If "Magnets" is our introduction to a new side of Lorde, I can't wait to see what she does next.

Images: Interscope (screenshot); Interscope (13)