7 Things 'The X-Files' Reboot Extended Trailer Tells Us About What To Expect — VIDEO

If you're still not recovered from watching the two new teasers for The X-Files reboot that premiered on Monday night, then gird your loins, believers, because there is a new new The X-Files trailer — and this one is a delicious two minutes long. And it offers REAL information! Not just vague, sexually tense exchanges between Mulder and Scully! (I mean, not that those aren't great, but still.) If you saw the teasers that FOX released during episodes of Gotham and Minority Report, you likely know quite well already that the series takes place 13 years on. Of course, Mulder is still a true believer, and, for once, it looks like his suspicions are about to be confirmed. Other clues from the teasers: Scully is still super hot and super skeptical, the Smoking Man is back, and that iconic poster remains. And ahh, Skinner's here!

And the new extended trailer has some of the most exciting stuff yet, clocking in at a generous two minutes. The trailers released on Monday night were a paltry 45 seconds long, but this extended version gives fans the setup for the return of the most beloved odd couple in the FBI played by David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson.

Here's what the new extended trailer gives away about The X-Files reboot, which will premiere next January:

1. The World Will End On A Friday

Ayo, mark your calendars! The extended trailer adds some exciting exposition: over a bleak montage of explosions, warheads, heavily armored police and satellites over earth, Joel McHale’s voice narrates too glibly: “It will probably happen on a Friday,” meaning, the apocalypse. McHale's character, Tad, calls on Mulder for his help, saying, “Like yourself, I’m a true believer." I would have totally thought the end of the world would take place on a Monday, but eh, can't get 'em all right.



3. ... Alien Baby Experiments?

Looks like things are about to get postnatally freaky: not only has the government been hiding this technology, it looks like they are using it to create more alien babies. I. Just. Can't.

4. Collusion And The Enemy

The new X-Files is very much a reboot delving into the wacky, terrifying world of constant surveillance and covert ops we live in: the plot surmises that a "well-oiled, well-armed group of multinational elites" are planning this attack to end the world using the aforementioned alien technology that the government has been hiding for seventy years. Naturally, they'll blame it on Russia or "terrorists" — whichever comes first. If that's not collusion, I don't know what is. This one goes all the way to the top.

5. Joel McHale Is A Key Player

Yep, you bet he is. In fact, it's McHale's voice you hear in the the new extended trailer, telling Mulder about the imminent destruction of the world, and asking for his help. McHale will be playing Tad O'Malley, a conservative news pundit that warns Mulder about the invasion. Yay! Mulder gets a co-conspirator!

6. Technology Is A Villain

Not good for poor ol' paranoid Mulder. "They police us and spy on us, tell us that makes us safer — we’ve never been in more danger,” he says. He emerges into the sunlight in the trailer looking pale and haggard — perhaps he has spent his time off the grid? — because pursuit of the truth comes before anything else, even a shower. (But it wouldn't hurt him to get a tan is all I'm saying.)

7. The Truth Is Still Out There


Watch the full trailer below:

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