There Was A Red Devil Twist On 'Scream Queens'

This season's central mystery got a whole lot more complicated when we learned that there are not one but two Red Devils on Scream Queens. I would say that my suspect list just doubled — but since everyone on this show currently looks pretty shady in one way or another, that's not entirely true. However, now that we know the Red Devil isn't working alone, I have to ask if he or she has an entire fleet of helpers (similar to A on Pretty Little Liars).

The Dickie Dollar Scholars had a rough night on the Sept. 29 episode, appropriately titled "Chainsaw." It all started with Chad's brilliant idea that they arm themselves with baseball bats and then run around the block yelling the Red Devil's name. This plan predictably backfired in a seriously major way when two Red Devils appeared with chainsaws. So, if there's a key takeaway from this episode, it's "don't bring a baseball bat to a chainsaw fight." One of the aforementioned Red Devils proceeded to kill Caulfield (RIP), and then hit him with his own baseball bat — just to add insult to injury.

In typical Scream Queens style, the showdown was rife with pop culture references. Dressed in all-white ensembles, the Dickie Dollar Scholars would have already looked pretty ridiculous even if they hadn't been traipsing around with baseball bats shouting the name of a psycho killer. But when "Backstreet's Back" began playing in the background, I stopped even feeling badly about my uproarious laughter during this intentionally kitschy murder scene.

Then there's the matter of chainsaws being the Red Devils' weapon of choice in this scene. Earlier in the episode, Grace's dad Wes showed up to her Film Studies class as a professor — despite the fact that he's actually a Literature professor and he failed to give her a heads-up. On its own, that could have been dismissed as over-protectiveness. But when he chose to screen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... well, that raised some red flags. Seriously, Wes? Was that really the most tactful choice on a campus that's being terrorized by insane killers? Wes himself is starting to look pretty sketchy and I'm beginning to wonder if Grace is actually the baby born in the Kappa bathtub and he lied to her about the cause and timeline of her mom's death.

Sure, Zayday also has a chainsaw stashed under her bed — but I refuse to believe that my favorite character has any involvement in the killings. And her excuse that it was a gift from her grandma sounds just ridiculous enough to be true. (And you thought your grandmother gave strange presents.) Plus, Dean Munsch continues to look pretty suspicious — she conveniently blasted the weirdest noise machine ever right before the Red Devil broke into the Kappa House, and she has a history of covering up crimes on campus.

Are there more Red Devils roaming the campus? Who will be their next victim? Only time will tell, but as for right now, the Kappa sisters should probably not trust anyone — parents and school administrators included.

Image: Hilary Gayle/FOX