The 'Scream Queens' Red Devil Could Be Hester

Since Pretty Little Liars is on hiatus until January, there's only one way you should be spending your Tuesday nights and that's tuning in for FOX's new comedy-horror series, Scream Queens . I mean, it's got everything you could ever hope to find within a television series: outrageous outfits, unforgettable one-liners, murder by lawnmower, Jamie Lee Curtis doing basically anything. What more could a viewer ask for? But even then, this show goes above and beyond. Because apart from the witty dialogue and all-star cast, there's also a major murder mystery that needs solving: Who is Scream Queens ' Red Devil killer?

Right now the list of suspects is just about as long as Chanel's ego, so narrowing down the playing field can feel somewhat impossible at this point. However, thanks to a recent tweet creator Ryan Murphy sent out during the premiere, we do know that the killer is someone we've already been introduced to onscreen. Murphy teased, "You've met the Red Devil. Who do you think it is?" Sure, that's not entirely helpful considering the numerous cast of characters we were introduced to throughout the two-hour episode. But I'm willing to make a claim right here and now that the Red Devil killer is actually Hester, played by Lea Michele. In fact, I think she could also be the mysterious bathtub baby, seeking justice on the sorority that let her mother die.

First of all, her there's her obsession with death, which could be a very telling clue about her murderous nature. Plus, she knows a lot about how to get rid of dead bodies. (An interesting fact, especially since bodies keep disappearing into thin air.) And while this aspect of her character was revealed in a rather comical type way, that could just be Murphy's way of throwing us off the scent. Or maybe he hopes that we'll think it'd be too obvious for her to be the killer, so we'll write this trait off as a red herring. But when you've got so many characters who look super guilty, then the red herrings, in a way, become red herrings.

Adding further fuel to this Hester fire, there's also the fact that she asked all of the Chanel's if she could call them "Mom" because they made her feel safe. Kind of a strange request, don't you think? Maybe that's because her own mother is actually dead. If you recall, back in the premiere, Hester revealed that her obsession with death began during at her dad's (not her mom's) funeral when she was forced to kiss the corpse. So the way I see it is, either she's outright lying about this and it's her mom that's dead, OR she's referring to her adoptive parents. Because, let's face it — there's a very good chance that someone gave the bathtub baby up for adoption.

What if, after reading up on the Kappa House's history, Hester somehow discovered the truth and has been planning her revenge ever since? It's entirely possible. And given that we already know Boone is an accomplice, he could've easily been the one on the lawnmower when Hester was buried in the ground with the rest of the pledges. Oh, and it's also worth mentioning that Michele recently told Entertainment Weekly that she thinks "the killer is a girl." Maybe there's more weight behind that prediction than we think. And maybe that neck brace of hers is just a way to feign innocence and make her look less threatening.

One thing's for sure, though — I'm dying to get to the bottom of this. Seriously, it's killing me. (Alright, I'll stop.)

Images: Skip Bolen/FOX; Patti Perret/FOX; screamqueensfox/Tumblr