Andi + Alex Could Be The First 'Voice' Duo To Win

The theory has been proved: two IS better than one. Twins Andi and Alex dominated The Voice stage with a folk-inspired arrangement of Dido's "Thank You" worthy of a coveted four chair turn. And though the coaches have been rather button-happy this season, this victory was well-deserved. The two 23-year-olds put on a professional performance and proved that they could be the first duo to win this competition. Now, with Adam Levine as their coach, they're definitely on their way to making that prediction into a reality.

Duos have never been victorious in this competition, but it's about time that chain was broken. Who better to break it than Andi and Alex? The two have grown up with music and kept it close to them their entire lives. Now that they're getting to the point where they're starting careers, getting married and moving away from each other, they're pursuing a career in music as a way to stay attached to one another. What makes it better is they actually have a shot at that career. The Wisconsin natives' voices mesh so well on stage and they have a chemistry that is unmatched by even the strongest of couples. That, plus their original indie/folk sounds and overall adorableness, really makes them the whole package.

It's no secret, though, that Andi and Alex will have to work harder than any of the other contestants to win the title. As the coaches pointed out, if one has an off night than they're both affected. It makes the process more difficult and more stressful than if they were performing on their own. But there's just something about these two that tells me they won't have a problem with that. They're voices are so perfect and in sync as it is that it seems almost impossible that they could ever be out of sync with each other. Will their twin factor make them the first winning duo in history or will they flop like all the others? There's no way of knowing, but I can't wait to find out.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC