14 Vegan Meals You Can Make In Your Dorm Room

Dining hall meals, sadly, are not most often the best food you’ll ever eat in your life, even if they might be all-you-can-eat. With a restricted diet, things get even trickier, but with some vegan dorm recipes at your disposal, staying true to your lifestyle gets a lot easier. It’s not all Luna Bars and pieces of raw fruit.

In the dining hall, you’ll find that the salad bar is your best friend, and the sandwich station may be more vegan-friendly than you thought — some even offer vegan burgers every day. And when it comes to your morning meal, you’ll find it quite easy to get full with plentiful options of cereal (unless, of course, you’d rather make your own vegan breakfast from scratch).

But even with a meal plan, you’ve still got to snack — and that’s where dorm-friendly recipes come to the rescue. If you’re stuck with a kitchen shared with your entire hall, you may not have all the resources to whip up your favorite vegan comfort foods. But with a little ingenuity and some small tools (consider investing in a mini food-processor), you can make enough tasty vegan food in your dorm to keep you satisfied. Get cooking!

1. Three-Ingredient Ice Cream

No need to splurge on pints of pricy vegan ice cream when you can whip up A Beautiful Mess' easy recipe in a food processor or blender.

2. Green Goddess Hummus Sandwich

Say goodbye to boring PB&J. Cookie and Kate proves that vegan sandwiches can be pretty incredible.

3. Vegan Avocado Mousse

Sometimes you need some chocolate — and A Cozy Kitchen is to the rescue with this healthy recipe.

4. Five-Ingredient Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili

With five ingredients and some stove time, Minimalist Baker's vegan chili is way easier to make than you'd imagine.

5. Chickpea Deli Salad

Substitute in vegan mayo, and Naturally Ella's deli-inspired chickpea dish becomes an easy lunch or dinner.

6. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seed pudding is an easy snack or breakfast to make in your mini fridge. A Beautiful Mess shows how it's done — just substitute honey with agave.

7. Raw Buckwheat Apple Walnut Porridge

Porridge never looked so good. Green Kitchen Stories' raw recipe makes a great breakfast you'll want to wake up for.

8. Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

Power through late night study sessions with House of Yumm's wholesome "cookie dough" bites.

9. Cereal Granola Crunch

Skip the store-bought granola. Marla Meridith's cereal-granola medley is a snack you'll actually want to eat.

10. Tropical Mango Spring Rolls

Get a healthy serving of greens with Cookie and Kate's tropical spring rolls.

11. Curried Tofu Salad

Ever find yourself missing egg salad? Now you don't have to! The Kitchn's curried tofu salad makes a great vegan option.

12. Two-Ingredient Truffles

Minimalist Baker understands that sometimes you just need some delicious, melty chocolate in your life.

13. Quick Mango Oatmeal

Start your day off on a sweet note with Marla Meridith's fruity oatmeal.

14. Raw Avocado Lime Mousse Over Rice Cakes

Sure, we all love avocado toast. But with this recipe, The Kitchn is thinking outside the box.

Images: Naturally Ella (2); A Beautiful Mess (2); Cookie and Kate (2); A Cozy Kitchen (2); Minimalist Baker (2); The Kitchn (2); Green Kitchen Stories; House of Yumm; Marla Meridith