8 Vegan Comfort Foods That Have The Power To Make Even The Most Loyal Cheese Lover's Mouth Water

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Kermit the Frog said it best; it's not easy being a vegan. OK, maybe his strife had more to do with being green than eating greens, but that's beside the point. Regardless of this Muppet's mantra, there is no denying that the vegan lifestyle is not an easy one to master.

When you decide to remove any and all animal products from your diet, you are rewarded with some major health perks. But, at the same time, you must also make a few sacrifices. That includes being asked a long list of annoying questions, doing research before going to a restaurant, and, possibly the toughest one, going without classic comfort foods.

Among other fare, vegans must stay away from cream, cheese, and meat — in other words, the holy trinity of comfort food. To them this is a small price to pay, but to an omnivore it’s absolute torture. After all, no one should be deprived of a big bowl of mac and cheese.

But as it turns out, vegans don’t have to go without these delicious dishes. By making a few simple swaps and substitutions, vegans can enjoy comfort food without sacrificing their morals. In some cases, their creations are even better than the original. From soups to sweets, these vegan comfort foods could convert even the biggest meat lover into a vegan. Or, at least, a part time one.

Image: Kelly Garbato/Flickr

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