The 7 Warmest Jeans To Wear This Winter

by Lindsey Rose Black

Love wearing jeans all day every day, but don’t want to freeze your ass off this winter? Luckily, I’ve scouted out the warmest jeans for winter, so your legs are fully insulated. Every pair helps keep you extra warm, thanks to thicker fabrics, added materials, and special lining. So if layering tights under jeans isn’t for you, there’s still hope to wear denim when the temperatures drop below freezing!

If finding warm jeans is just the starting point of your winter weather wardrobe woes (wow, can we stop and appreciate that alliteration?), there’s no need to panic. Bustle fashion writers have been tackling the topic head on and scouting out the top picks you should consider adding to your closet this season. My current favorites include winter hats for big heads (because dang those can be hard to find), cute sweater knit accessories, and a round up of epic winter scarves.

And don’t forget about your feet! Make sure your toes don't go numb with the warmest socks around. Pop a pair of cute snow boots over them for feet so toasty you’ll swear it’s summertime.

I consulted my native New Yorker friends for help on rounding up the warmest jeans so you can feel confident that they legit work. Stay warm out there!

1. Navy Heat-tech Jeans

Heat-tech Navy, $50, Uniqlo

When I was living in Japan, heat-tech jeans saved. my. life. They work insanely well.

2. Fleece Lined

Flannel-Lined Jeans, $55, L.L.Bean

A favorite of my best friend who has braved many Brooklyn winters!

3. Black Heat-tech

Black Heat-tech, $40, Uniqlo

Hot and sleek for those days where you're not in the standard denim mood.

4. High Rise Flare

High Rise Flare, $228, J Brand

These are on the pricier side, no doubt. But they do come woven with Merino wool!

5. White Heat-tech

White Heat-tech, $50, Uniqlo

So many wonderful warm choices, Uniqlo! Seriously, y'all can't stock up enough on these.

6. Thermal Jeans

Thermal Jeans, $36, Amazon

All the cozy bliss of wearing thermals under jeans without actually having to.

7. Gray Flannel

Flannel Boyfriend, $20, Sierra TradingCo

Want the warmth of flannel in a slouchier jean cut? Opt for this cute boyfriend pair!

Images: admirdervisevi/Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands