Tina Fey's New Women's College Show Is Further Proof She's Our Portal To More Female-Centric TV

Yes! She has a new show! Another new show! Tina Fey just sold a new pilot about a women's college during its first year accepting men, because of course she did; she's the best. (Warning: Beyoncé-level gushing to follow.) Fey is really good at things, you guys. Like, really good. She hosts the Golden Globes and it's like the whole world kind of jerks out of a collective nap and remembers that awards shows can actually be fun if they're handled correctly, and her first post-SNL show didn't ever get stellar ratings but it was still so critically acclaimed that she won all the Emmys ever and it will always be beloved. (RIP, 30 Rock.)

She's also an A+ photobomber.

Basically what I'm saying here is that Tina Fey, while not perfect — because she's a human and should be allowed an imperfection or eight — is damn great. At least, according to me, and apparently according to the studio executives who keep giving her new shows to run seemingly every time she starts to utter the words "so I was thinking of maybe doing a show about —"

First she got a 13-episode order a few months back by NBC for a comedy she's been working on with fellow 30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock and The Office star Ellie Kemper. That one follows, according to Splitsider, "Kemper as a woman who escapes from a doomsday cult and starts life over in New York City."

Back when that news broke — which was the result of Fey's four-year development deal with NBC — we also heard about a workplace comedy she's got going with that network, as well as the bidding war that was going on at the time between NBC and Fox to nab the women's college one.

Fox is the network which emerged triumphant from that, and it's pretty notable and exciting that two networks so invested in their comedy brands put such an effort into grabbing a show that is not only run by a woman — actually multiple women, as How I Met Your Mother's Pam Fryman will also executive produce, along with 30 Rock alums Carlock and Matt Hubbard — but whose plot will no doubt star at least a few women in the lead.

Such is the power of Tina Fey, breaking down barriers one acerbic quip at a time.