11 Snapchat Lens Snaps To Send To Your Friends

Snapchat has been causing quite the stir lately. First, they rolled out a filter that allows you to puke rainbows. Then, just as we were getting used to that happiness, it was taken away from us. Suddenly, there was no longer a puking rainbow lens. Obviously, we were up in arms. They'd rolled out new filters, and lenses we experimented with, but nothing held a candle to the rainbow glory. And then, just when we thought all was lost, the puking rainbow face lens returned. And much like the end of Harry Potter, all was well.

The momentary loss of the puking rainbow lens allowed us time to experiment with other lenses. So I took 11 situations we all know too well and found the perfect Snapchat lens to use in said situation. From a green face when you're sick, to a television-binge-specific Snapchat, I think it's fair to say we covered a lot of ground here.

If you're finding yourself overwhelmed by the amount of lens options out there, allow this to act as a guide as your forage ahead into uncharted lens territory. Just remember: when in doubt, go for the extended-jaw lens. It will never fail you. Here are 11 Snapchat lens snaps you must try sending:

1. The "I Have A Terrible Cold"

Can also be used for Halloween snaps, or to do a modest take on the iconic Almost Famous poster. (You have to admit, it does look a little like Kate Hudson in those metallic glasses gone wrong.)

2. The "This Work Day Is As Painful As My Wisdom Teeth Extraction Was"

That really is what my face looked like when I got my wisdom teeth out.

3. The "This Date Is Dragging Longer Than My Jaw"

Sorry but the face-extender lens is incredibly multi-faceted.

5. The "This Day Has Been So Batsh*t Crazy I Don't Know Up From Down"

This look can easily be achieved with any filter if you misuse it, which, clearly, I did.

6. The "I Can't Go Out Because I'm Binge-Watching Friends"

You'll need a Netflix tab and a heart full of emojis.

8. The "I Blatantly Disagree With Your Actions And Want To Disguise It In A Funny Way"

"Say whaaaaaat?!" is always effective for that kind of thing.

9. The "My Takeout Just Arrived"

The look of love that's reserved for Chinese food.

10. The "That Couple Sitting Across From Me Started Making Out And/Or They Have A Puppy"

And either way, life's not fair.


The rainbow puke lens has returned. It's a big deal.

Images: Maya Kachroo-Levine/Snapchat