Puking Rainbows Are Back On Snapchat Faces, #BLESS

As the self-appointed sharer of Millennial tidings, I've come to announce that Snapchat's puking rainbows are back. ICYMI, for the last few weeks, everyone has been up in arms because the Snapchat puking rainbow filter disappeared. It had been taken from us like a baby in the night. We tried everything to fill the void: We started using different Snapchat lenses, like the red face Snapchat lens, or the crazy eye lens, but they couldn't fill our empty Gen Y hearts. And then, something happened. This morning, I opened Snapchat, to flip through the abyss of lenses that weren't the puking rainbow, and there it was. The very last filter after you tap on your face — a tiny button denoting a puking rainbow. A symbol of hope, and progress. Obviously.

So, you can now rejoice and send rainbow puke until your heart's content. I have to admit that prior to this whole To Puke A Rainbow Or Not Puke A Rainbow saga, I was one of the Snapchat-inept. Like, I could respond to someone's daily snap of their cup of coffee, but I wasn't aware that filters existed, let alone how to use them. Needless to say, I've now forayed hardcore into the art and science that is constructing the perfect Snapchat, and there's no turning back from here.

So, Without Further Ado, Please Welcome Back The Magical Puking Rainbow Lens:

*Earth, Wind and Fire plays in the background as I dance victoriously around my room*

I Must Admit, I Had Some Difficulties Getting The Magic To Happen

Am I doing it right? Is this lazy eye thing working for me?

I Have Several More-Pronounced Lazy Eye Attempts

And a few with my eyes completely closed, of course.

And Then There's The Option Of Just Looking Pleasantly Blushed

Or like you're a cartoon character with a bad head cold.

TASTE THE RAINBOW, guys. What a happy Wednesday it is.

Images: Maya Kachroo-Levine/Snapchat