How To Make A "Woman On The $10 Bill" Halloween Costume Because, Duh, Girl Power

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you're like me, you're already attempting to cook up a great idea for a costume. Perhaps something feminist and girl-power-sounding. Or something topical, like something that relates to U.S. currency. (I think you know where I'm going with this.) Delight yourself and your Hallow's Eve companions by electing to make a "woman on the $10 dollar bill" costume this year!

With the news over the summer that a woman would finally be make her way on to American paper currency, it's fitting that we celebrate by embodying (literally!) this victory for women's history. I promise these ideas will be super fun and not that complicated to create at home, and that you will have hilarious (and also thought-provoking!) Halloween memories that will surely help ease the pain of your Nov. 1 hangover. Ready? Let's do this.

These costume ideas won't be too difficult or costly, but depending on which route you go, it could require a bit of crafting. So give yourself some time to perfect your creation (i.e. don't start it at 8 p.m. the evening of your Halloween outing). There are a few different variations I'll go over, so you can pick whichever speaks to you most and feels the most like you.

1. Be The Bill

This one is probably going to be the easiest. No surprise, costume manufacturers already make dollar bill costumes, so you can opt to buy one of these and do a little cut and sew to add your own face in the the face in the middle. Since most of the ready-to-wear bill costumes are $100 bills, some simple modifications can change this to a cool 10.

Green Acrylic Felt, $14, Amazon

Buy some green fabric and cut out the Venus symbol (aka the "woman symbol") and sew it over the second 0. This will make it clear that you're going for the "woman on the $10."

I also love the idea of tailoring the outfit so you can create a different fit (if you have some sewing skills). But if you're looking for something that reads more sexy than literal, read on.

2. Sexy Money

I know that some of us like to go the "sexy" route for Halloween costumes, regardless of what the heck the costume is, so this one is for you if you like a little naughty incorporated into your one-night attire. If you want to make yourself the $10 bill, you're going to need some dollar-themed short shorts and a tiny top. Then, gather some friends whom you trust to cover your torso in green, and have them paint the $10 bill around your middle. Done carefully and with creativity, this will be a really cute costume.

Something like these hot pants from Polyvore will do just fine for the bottom. (I also kind of just want these in general.)

Polyvore also has the hook-up for a top. Score.

Then, of course, you'll need a boatload of green body paint. Party City happens to have some for about five bucks.

3. Homemade Headpiece

If you're brave and want to aim for being funny above all else, here's the costume idea for you. You'll essentially be creating a giant $10 bill to wear on your head and around your face. This is the most DIY option I've got for you, so time to stretch your art muscles or commission a buddy who is good with this kind of thing.

Using some cardboard, cut out a rectangle that you're comfortable with size-wise (consider that you will want to get in and out of doors with your costume on!). Next, you'll cut out an oval in the center for your face to stick through.

And then get to painting. Use an actual $10 bill, or just a picture of one online as a reference to paint the cardboard to resemble the bill. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. Put "In RBG We Trust" on it if you want.

Images: Yoav Shapira/Flickr;; Amazon; Polyvore; Party City