Wanna Be Kimye for Halloween? Here's How!

It's never too early to start planning for Halloween. Sure, you can go for the typical witch costume or cat or nerdy girl with glasses. Those are cool if you're into ordinary costumes and I'ma let you finish... But you need the best costume of all time! There is no better idea than posing as the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple. Yup, I'm taking about a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Halloween costume.

If you're looking for a couples costume, Kimye is the perfect choice! There are so many ways to pull off this look. And if you feel like breaking gender norms, you and your bestie can dress up as them too. Whatever floats your boat! Knowing his ego, I'm sure Kanye would be flattered if anyone dressed up like him.

Luckily for whoever is posing as Kanye, his look barely requires any effort. Most of the time, he's just in a suit and pants. "Kanye" can borrow a tux from a friend, or find one at a thrift shop. Who knows, maybe he has one leftover from prom.

If you're feeling extra ambitious, you can make your own wall of popcorn or Rice Krispie treats and pose in front of it, just like Kim and Kanye did for their ridiculously popular Instagram wedding photo.

(Side note: I know it was actually roses, but it looks like popcorn and that's more fun!)

Here are five classic Kimye looks to inspire your costumes:

Just Married

This idea is so easy! It's perfect for the low-key couple, who's still trying to make a bold statement.

Step 1: All you need are two leather jackets.

You're in luck: For $30 you can get this faux leather one at Party City. Since it's some cheesy costume jacket, you won't feel bad decorating it.

Step 2: Grab some white paint and decorate like crazy.

This acrylic paint from Michaels costs less than a dollar!

The key to the costume is that cool eagle design. Don't worry if you're not artistic — I made you this template to trace:

Print the picture, cut it out, trace the outline onto your jacket, and then paint it in. Be sure to leave blank spaces for the designs.

Finishing touches: You can really wear whatever you want under the jacket. Just be sure to pose for all photos by leaning over your shoulders and making a pouty face.

GQ Awards

This outfit got mixed reviews when Kim wore it on the red carpet, but it's super simple to emulate. Since Kanye's ensemble is pretty self-explanatory, here's a how-to for recreating Kim's metallic, mermaid-esque dress.

Step 1: Get yourself a leotard.

Either you can be just like Kim and get a leather one from Amazon.

Or hit up American Apparel for this cotton one, which you can probably re-use for future costumes.

Step 2: Visit a craft store or search online for metallic mesh netting. (That's what we'd call it, right?)

Something like this will do! Bonus: It's really cheap. Drape it around like a skirt — and voilà!

Finishing touches: Add strappy metallic heels and wear loose curls in your hair. Most importantly, don't forget to have your Kanye walk a few steps behind and stare adoringly at you. It'll be just like the real thing!

Vogue Cover

This is a classic Kimye look. It's a bit formal for Halloween, but how great will your photos be?

Step 1: Find the perfect white dress.

Yeah, $70 is a hefty price to pay for a Halloween costume. But this one from Target could be reused in other situations. Or you can hit up thrift shops, or see if any of your friends have white dresses from formals that they wouldn't mind letting you borrow.

Step 2: Recreate Kim's deep-part, low ponytail.

With a handy tutorial (like the one above), you can copy Kim's hairstyle. It really completes the look.

Finishing touches: Kanye can pretty much wear anything, considering no one will see his wardrobe if he's walking around all night with his arms draped around your waist. For extra fun, you can print out a giant Vogue logo and pose in front of it.

Selfie Shot

Kimye loves their mirror selfies, don't they? This one at least lets Kanye have some creativity too.

Step 1: Find a little black dress.

I recommend one like this from Forever 21. It's inexpensive, so you won't feel bad cutting slits in the side.

Step 2: Get the most patriotic eagle tank you can find.

Hurry! This one from Sears is only $5. I almost bought one just because it's such a great bargain! (Then I realized, no. I don't actually need it.)

Finishing touches: Kanye should add a large gold chain. Then you both can work on perfecting your serious mirror poses. Don't smile! It's definitely more of a smize.

Kimye Halloween

Wow, this one is pretty meta. For Halloween you can be Kim and Kanye dressed up for Halloween. Steal their old costume!

Step 1: Get a mermaid top.

You can either wear a white, lacey crop top...

Or go all out and actually make a seashell bra, like in this tutorial:

According to the girl in the video, it costs only $10 to do so!

Step 2: Make your own sparkly green skirt.

Get sequined green fabric and use it to make a skirt. It's way easier (and cheaper) than purchasing a skirt that long.

Step 3: Find a nautical ensemble for your Mr. West.

Pretty much everyone already has a striped shirt. And if not, they can always buy one and re-wear it on non-Halloween occasions.

Finishing touches: Have "Kanye" toss on a navy blue blazer and red shoes. Find yourself a blonde wig — or just curl your hair (the wig is a bit tacky). Add some pearls or beaded jewelry.

And there you have it — an assortment of DIY Kimye costumes! If you want even more inspiration, just check out Kim's Instagram. Posting photos with Kanye is definitely her favorite pastime.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram; Party City; Michaels; Amazon.com; American Apparel; SpandexWorld.com; Target; Forever 21; Sears; MissGuided; Harts Fabric; ASOS