20 Weird Tacos You Won't Believe Exist

by Dacy Knight

Taco lovers, this day is for you. National Taco Day is upon us, and I can think of at least one way to celebrate. When deciding on your honorary taco of choice to consume this holiday, why not journey outside the box? Here are 20 weird tacos you'll want to try for National Taco Day, and one you won't.

Even if they're not game to try it, everyone loves a crazy culinary concoction that pushes the limits and breaks the rules. Who can forget the spaghetti and meatball taco creation by Vulgar Chef that blew everyone's minds? Once seen, it could not be unseen. This unconventional lineup includes more taco varieties that might take a while to come to grips with, but once you do, they'll have you covered from breakfast to dessert and everything in between. Some are inventive, some are downright ingenious, and some probably shouldn't exist. Swap out protein standards like chicken and beef for more exotic fare from the swamplands of the south to the Southern Hemisphere. Or, go meatless with nontraditional fillings from candy bars to cauliflower. Trade out tortillas for something softer usually reserved for breakfast, or for an Asian favorite with a bit more crunch. Whatever your cravings this Taco Day, these bizarre options are sure to rev up your appetite — or make you lose it.

1. Waffle Taco

For really committed Taco Day devotees, eating a taco for every meal of the day is decidedly doable thanks to the discovery that flat spherical foods can be folded just like tortillas.

2. Gator Taco

Leave chicken, beef, pork, and fish to the amateurs. If you've tried it all, it's time to venture into new territory, more specifically, the swamplands of the southeastern United States.

3. Sushi Taco

No chopsticks necessary for this nori-tortilla fusion creation.

4. Bacon Taco

Focus, people. It's National Taco Day. This is a taco. We love tacos. Forget it. All I see is bacon. My god, that's beautiful.

5. S'mores Taco

For something on the sweeter side, this campfire classic gets a practical makeover, bidding adieu to marshmallow stickiness.

6. Larvae Taco

A pretty cruel follow-up to s'mores, I'll admit. You'll need an extra strong michelada to wash this puppy down.

7. Chicken Cordon Bleu Taco

Because the only thing better than chicken wrapped in ham and swiss cheese and bread crumbs is chicken wrapped in ham and swiss cheese and bread crumbs and tortilla.

8. Strawberry Shortcake Taco

This taco-fied approach solves all the shortcomings (and crumblings) of this cake.

9. Cauliflower Taco

Step aside, kale. Try out this superfood taco before the cauliflower fad is completely played out.

10. Kangaroo Taco

For adventurous types, this dish from Down Under delivers (and tastes just like chicken).

11. Candy Taco

If you have a confectionery calling, you'll have all your cravings met with this wedge that looks dreamed up by Willy Wonka.

12. Wonton Taco

Take a break from tortillas with this extra-crisp alternative best filled with sesame ginger flavorings and dipped in soy sauce.

13. Reuben Taco

Your next go-to when you're hungry for some corned beef and sauerkraut, but are freshly out of rye.

14. Fruit Taco

Get your daily serving with this fruit stand parading as a taco.

15. Scrambled Eggs Taco

If your breakfast burrito just won't stay closed.

16. Croquette Taco

Hardly needing a shell beyond their own, these deep-fried minced meat masses are just making the tortilla look good.

17. Seared Tuna Taco

Take your fish taco to the next level with this gourmet chicken of the sea.

18. Duck Confit Taco

For those interested in some tacos, s'il vous plaît, after a long day of fêting the national holiday.

19. Taco Pizza

They were onto something when they started building Taco Bell Pizza Huts.

20. Ice Cream Taco

Last but not least, this decadent dessert owes a shoutout to the original Choco Taco aka the stuff that childhood dreams were made of.

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