Kylie Jenner Poses For A #WokeUpLikeThis Shot

Sisters will take style and beauty tips from each other because that’s just what they do. Kylie Jenner posted a no makeup selfie early in the morning from inside her closet, just like her older sister Kim Kardashian did earlier this week. Apparently, the Kardashian sisters take Instagram advice as well as style advice from each other. And who better than to copy than the Queen of Instagram herself, right?

Kim K admitted that her younger sister might dethrone her in the future, and if they keep posting similar pics, it could happen sooner rather than later. Kardashian posed with North West for a candid 6 a.m. snap just a few days ago, and now Jenner is following that same vein, posting an 8 a.m. photo. Both pictures have a "just woke up" kind of feel, but Jenner’s is of course, a little later in the morning (because who wants to wake up before 8 a.m.?) and a little sexier. She’s stretching and showing off her toned tummy in her cropped pajama top, because that’s just her way.

I must say, both ladies look great in the morning, so I hope these behind the scenes kind of moments continue. It’s nice to see the down-time before their crazy busy days begin. Check out these early morning pictures, along with seven times Jenner’s given us a glimpse at her prepping process.

8 a.m. and looking good!

But, of course, nobody does it quite like the queen.

1. Glam Session

Her app will let you go BTS into her glam sessions.

2. Late Nights

Of course there are some late nights mixed in with those early mornings. Sometimes she gives glimpses into her "right before bed" looks, too.

3. Good Morning

Just another day in the life of Jenner.

4. Mani/Pedi Action

It's always time for a good mani/pedi, am I right?

5. Hair Prep

There's work involved in making your hair look that good.

6. Serious Business

Glam time with your sister is always important.

7. Photoshoot

There's nothing like seeing what goes into creating this girl's photo-ready looks.

Late nights and early mornings, I like seeing all of the action, so keep it coming, Kardashian/Jenners.

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