Will Kim & Kanye's Baby Be Named Easton?

On Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim Kardashian West talked all things baby. When it came down to discussing baby names, Kardashian was game for a round of suggestions from the television host — but when Ellen started suggesting directional names, Kardashian chimed in with her own preference: “I like the name Easton,” she said on the show. So, does this mean Easton West will be the official name of Kimye's future son? Not so fast: After noting that she liked the name, Kardashian then revealed that they probably wouldn’t name their son that because husband Kanye West wasn’t a fan of the name Easton. First of all, thank you Kardashian for giving us a taste of your baby naming experience because, hello, we’ve all been speculating over here for, like, months. Second of all — what the heck, Kanye? What’s wrong with the name Easton?

OK. Probably a couple of things. Kardashian said she wasn’t entirely sure that West wouldn’t be game for the name, but something tells me that Kardashian wouldn’t have mentioned a name that they were actually considering for their still-in-utero son. That’s just way too unlike the couple to even be true.

So, while I think the fact that Kardashian shared the name is reason enough to bet on it not being the one they ultimately choose to name their son, there are also probably a number of other reasons why West isn’t a fan of the name Easton.

For example:

His Name Would Sound Too Much Like “East And West”

And even Kanye isn’t into that big of a coincidence.

Those Directional Names Are So 2013

No one has done it better since North was born, and no one ever will.

Kanye Might Not Be A Baseball Fan

Easton Sports is a baseball equipment brand. Maybe Kanye isn't a baseball fan?

The Kid Would Never Live Up To North

That’s why they named North “North” — because she was the highest point. Any other name suggesting direction is just going come in second place.

It’s Too Expected

West is like the Big Brother of celebrities. With him, you should always expect the unexpected.

As much as Kardashian might like the name, I have my money on any name other than Easton. Because when naming a baby, you want to make sure it’s a name that both parents like.

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