7 Halloween Costumes For Snapchat Lovers

You've downloaded the Snapchat update, you've experimented with every single one of the new filters, you've collected your Snapchat trophies, and now, you're ready to take your Snapchat game up to a whole new level — you want to become a Snapchat lens IRL. These Snapchat Halloween costumes are for people who are scary obsessed with the hilarious social media app, and yes, that includes you.

Honestly, of all the apps we millennials have at our disposal, Snapchat is the one that caters best to the holiday dedicated to all things spooky and fleeting. Snapchat's icon is a ghost, for crying out loud. That is literally the symbol for Halloween. Not to mention, the new Snapchat lenses are practically the digital equivalent to masquerade masks — it's never been easier to change the way you look.

Since Snapchat's latest update, you've had plenty of time to play around with the various lenses, and decide which one you like best. You already know what you look like with rainbow puke pouring from your mouth, and jumbo tears streaming down your face. Pick your favorite lens, and make that your Halloween costume. Then, be sure to Snap pictures of you as Snapchat — it will be like Snapchat inception. Just a warning, though — your phone might explode.

Here are seven ideas to try this Halloween.

1. Snapchat Rainbow Puke

Ah yes, rainbow barf. One of the most popular filters to come and go (and then come back again) through the Snapchat lens rotation, this lens is ridiculously easy to mimic in real life. Like most great outfits, this look is all about the accessories.

First, you need the appropriate tee

You can get this shirt with the Snapchat ghost logo on it for less than $20, and chances are you'll probably wear it once Halloween is over, too (even if it is just to bed).

Add a rainbow scarf

Rainbow Scarf, $50, Etsy

You're going to want something billowy for this that you can tuck all the way up to your chin. This silk number is perfect.

Put on googly eyes

Googly Eye Glasses, $11, Amazon

Rainbow barf is fun, but this look isn't complete until your eyes look like massive, fish bowl orbs. Googly eye glasses are hilarious, and I'm sure if you try hard enough, you will find other very important opportunities to wear these throughout the year.

2. Snapchat Rainbow Makeup

More of a makeup junkie, are you? YouTube blogger GettingPretty has the most epic Snapchat tutorial you will ever see grace the Internet. To get the doe-eyed look, she used a healthy swipe of white eyeliner to make her eyeballs look enormous. A little (OK, a lot) of blush gave her the rosy Snapchat look, and then, armed with a paintbrush and face paint, she drew rainbow squiggles from her lips all the way down to her collar bone. The results are pretty dead on:

3. Snapchat Crying Face

To be honest, the crying face Snapchat lens was my favorite of the bunch, but then again I'm also a huge drama queen. Here's what you'll need:

Get out your trusty Snapchat tee

You know the one.

Find sad eye novelty glasses

These are essentially just like the googly eye glasses, only way more pathetic. Put 'em on, perfect your pouty face in the mirror, and then get ready to bring on the water works.

Fake some tears

There are a couple of ways you can do this. One option is to go the easy route, and cut out a few teardrop-shaped cutouts to hold up to your face all night. You can also choose to go with face paint, and draw on enormous blue tears. Or, for the really ambitious out there, you could try this fake tear tutorial that uses aloe vera gel to recreate those shiny, silver tear streaks:

4. Snapchat Ghost

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Get old-school with your Snapchat costume, and dress up like the Snapchat ghost we knew and loved before we ever even knew what a Snapchat lens was.

This is honestly the easiest option of the bunch, only because you've been dressing up like a ghost for Halloween since you were, like, seven. Add a smiley face, and boo — you're the Snapchat ghost. Pop out of a box for three seconds at a time to give your costume an added layer of authenticity.

5. Snapchat Ghost method #2

Alternatively, you could wrap yourself in a white sheet, hang some yellow poster board around your person, and look just like the app logo. This costume takes about 10 seconds to make — which is shorter than most of my friends' Snapchat stories, to be honest. Here's a super simple tutorial:

6. Turn it into a group costume

You and your friends are the epitome of social butterflies — social media butterflies, that is. Have everyone in your group pick their favorite app, be it Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, and print out the app's logo to wear for the night. Then, add on butterfly wings to really drive home the point that you are the wittiest millennials of them all. Call dibs on Snapchat now, though. I mean, you've already got your shirt picked out.

7. Turn it into a pun costume

So you prefer to be a one-woman show, huh? I hear that. Go for something a bit more subtle, and way more hilarious. First, create a giant speech bubble out of poster board. Then? Every time you start to chat, snap your fingers. Get it? Because you're Snapchat!

Of course, none of these costumes will work if you aren't Snapchatting every single moment of your night, so be sure to have your phone on you at all times. Otherwise, you're kind of missing the point.

Image: GettingPretty/YouTube