Beast Boy Understands Your Monday Feels

Mondays are the bane of everyone's existence. Whether you're still in school, or you're a member of the working force, going to bed on Sunday fills everyone with dread because it forces them to anticipate the long, long work week ahead. The couch potato in you and me identified very strongly with Teen Titans member Beast Boy, who, when he wasn't out fighting crime with the team, loved all the same things that all of us do: eating, sleeping, watching TV, and doing nothing for long periods of time. Raven might not have thought Beast Boy was anywhere near as hilarious as Beast Boy thought that he was, but there were a lot of Beast Boy quotes that perfectly describe Mondays — especially how you feel at various times of the day on a Monday. For a green dude, he was surprisingly wise.

Of course, wise probably isn't the word most of his teammates would use to describe him, but, for Beast Boy, nearly every day was a fresh Monday. He frequently didn't understand why everyone was so eager to, like, do things all the time. What ever happened to a quiet day in, guys? If there's no crime to be fought, can we just relax? So, seriously, next time you have to wake up on a Monday and face the day ahead, remember the wisdom of Beast Boy, because he knows exactly how you feel.

1. When The Sun Rises Before You're Ready To Get Out Of Bed

Get back down there, sun. I need a couple more hours of sleep.

2. When You Decide To Make The Best Of This Day

Tofu is optional, of course. But eggs and bacon? Yum.

3. But You Still Wonder Why You Have To Go To Work Today

Seriously, why? Can't I just take a day off? A week off? Heck, can't they just pay me to stay home?

4. And, To Be Honest, You're Not Ready To Say Goodbye To The Weekend

Nothing makes me angrier than having to go to bed on a Sunday knowing that Monday is the beginning of a five day stretch of misery.

5. But You Get To The Office And Put On Your Game Face

I mean, you can't very well let your boss see how much you don't want to be here. Save that for the cubicle. Or, like, when your boss turns around.

6. And Lunch Swoops Up Faster Than You Think

The most important meal of the day, because it means you get to step away from your desk for a half-hour and gossip with your co-workers. For that half-hour, you feel like a human being again.

7. Although You're Still Having A Pretty Rough Day

Then, about 15 minutes in, you realize that you only have 15 minutes left before you have to chain yourself back to that desk. Suddenly, lunch time no longer seems so bright.

8. Lunch Gives You The Energy To Tackle Your Next Sales Call

You've eaten. You've had human contact. You can do anything.

9. Then Suddenly Your Office Crush Walks By

Oops, it looks like you've totally forgotten the English language again. All you can do is hope you don't spill food on yourself or blurt out something embarrassing like, "Will you marry me?"

10. And Totally Ignores You

Well, that's a confidence killer.

11. Which Kind Of Ruins Your Day

If only your every sales call could just be you going, "Can I go home now?" and whoever is on the line going, "Um, duh, of course, what are you even still doing there?"

12. Until You Realize That Your Shift Is Over

It's six o'clock already? Where did the time go? Actually, who cares where the time went? It's gone. Bye, time!

13. So It's Time To Finally Watch Netflix & Hang Out

Go home, kick up your feet, and relaaaaaaax. Life is good.

14. So Many TV Shows To Watch, So Little Time Before It's Tuesday

Clearly, if you don't finish your marathon of whatever TV show has currently caught your eye, then you might need to call in sick to work on Tuesday. I'm sure your boss will understand.

Thank you, Beast Boy, for being a window into my Monday soul. Then again, if my Mondays went more like Beast Boy's average day as a Titan, maybe I wouldn't hate them quite so much. Maybe.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation; teentitans (9), linda-ravstar (2)/Tumblr