Liberia Is Getting A Much-Needed Bookstore

by Emma Oulton

Global literacy is a topic we can all unite behind, so the news of a new bookstore opening in Liberia is bound to bring a smile to everyone’s face, even on a slightly dreary Thursday. The person we have to thank for this slice of happy news is Wayétu Moore, founder of One Moore Bookstore which just opened in Monrovia. Access to books in Liberia is sadly limited, and so this space will make a significant difference.

Moore immigrated to the US from Liberia as a child, but when she visited her home country last year, she was distressed to see the lack of bookstores available. Moore runs a publishing house, One Moore Book, which produces educational books for countries with low literacy rates. The books have culturally sensitive narratives, allowing children to see themselves represented in the books they read, as well as offering a key to other cultures they may not be able to experience firsthand. Her next goal was then to bring these books to the children of Liberia, and give them an easy space to access the books that can be so beneficial to their lives.

Moore’s mission was very nearly derailed by Liberia’s devastating Ebola outbreak — but although she was advised to abandon her goal, the suffering in her home country only inspired her further. Moore wrote on her Facebook that novels and poetry had “rehabilitated” her, so I can understand why she wanted so badly to bring them to a country going through hardship.

The One Moore Bookstore will sell books by One Moore Book and other Liberian publishers at very low prices, as well as allowing customers to read in-store. Moore has also created job opportunities for two young Liberians who she has hired to run the store while she is the States. Big congratulations to Wayétu for achieving her dream, and making the dreams of so many others come true in the process!

Images: wayetu/Instagram (2)