Abbie & Ichabod Need To Date On 'Sleepy Hollow'

We're back Sleepy Hollow fiends, and my how things have changed! For one we open Season 3 with Ichabod in jail and Abbie, now an FBI agent fresh out of Quantico training, bails him out after he is caught smuggling an artifact into the country. Ichabod claims the artifact is the key to their new mission as witnesses, but it's clear that Abbie has moved on from their adventures, no doubt she was upset that Ichabod left her for nine months while he took time to himself after Katrina's death last season. It's quite a while to be alone and out of touch with a fellow witness, especially one with whom Ichabod could have easily started up a romance. So is it possible that Ichabod and Abbie could actually date on Sleepy Hollow this season? I think there's still too much for each other to understand and catch up on from the past nine months they've spent apart before they could think about romance.

I know some of you Sleepy Hollow fans will be annoyed to hear this as Ichabbie has been a long suffering 'ship that many fans have loved since day one of the series. Trust me guys, I'm shipping Ichabod and Abbie together, too. But, I actually think it's been quite nice to see them grow independently and work together without the complications of romance for the time being.

Without adding romance between the witnesses to the series, we've seen Abbie really come into her own in the last two seasons. She's fierce, tough, a true fighter, and someone who works well with others and understands when to ask for help. She's basically a total badass, there's a reason Viola Davis gave Nicole Beharie (the actress who plays Abbie) a shoutout in her Emmy speech regarding powerful African American actresses. Plus her friendship with Ichabod has been the true highlight of the series, watching them work together and bond and become two people who can truly put their trust in each other's hands is a beautiful concept.

And, that's precisely why romance cannot happen just yet. By leaving for nine months without a single phone call, letter, or any other possible method of communication, Ichabod lost at least some of Abbie's trust. She wasn't so quick to absolutely agree that they have to continue their lives as witnesses and start a new mission, despite the fact that evil has obviously returned to Sleepy Hollow in a new frightening form. So first, the team has to become just that, a team once again. If they can get back to a place of comfort and absolute trust and faith in one another again, I would be happy to see some romance. But, first they have a lot to talk about from the last nine months. There's no way we've even scratched the surface of what's happened so far, and I'm excited about finding out what they've been through apart before they come together for good.

Images: Tina Rowden/FOX