Dressing Like Mary Poppins Is Still So Chic

I'll take all of your Holly Golightlys, Annie Halls, and Cher Horowitzes, and I'll raise you a Mary Poppins. Honestly, as far as cinematic style icons go, she's pretty tough to beat. After all, her prim Victorian-esque nanny look has everything. She's got vintage flair in the form of a distinctive silhouette, what with that nipped-in waist and those voluminous skirts, she's is not afraid of a touch of the endearingly quirky (come on, she likes little red bow ties, and her hat is topped by ever-so-slightly haphazard daisies paired with cranberries), and — last but not least — she can really bring her A game when it comes to formalwear. We all know Ms. Poppins knows how to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious it up!

It pretty much goes without saying that her personal style makes for quite the fun Halloween option, especially if you accessorize with an oversized umbrella and an even more oversized carpet bag, but with a few adjustments, you can also emulate her look in your daily life. After all, a lot of her style tenets happen to be quite trendy right now — you can never go wrong with white lace these days, and midi skirts have steadily been growing in popularity in recent years. Plus, thanks to Zooey Deschanel and a few others, the whole quirkily vintage governess look is trendier than ever.

So, with that in mind, here's a little primer/shopping list with which to get your Mary Poppins wardrobe started.

To get the Mary Poppins look, you're going to need some high collars, bow detailing, voluminous skirts — all in crisp reds, whites and blues.

1. Lace Collar Top

Lace Collar Top, $8, Topshop

2. Tie-Up Lace Top

Tie-Up Lace Top, $40, Zara

3. Blouse with Bow

Blouse with Bow, $50, Zara

4. Shirt with Tie-Up Neckline

Shirt wit Tie-Up Neckline, $40, Zara

5. Knitted Skater Dress with Contrast Collar

Knitted Skater Dress with Contrast Collar, $63, Asos

6. Striped Organza Skirt

Striped Organza Skirt, $28, Forever 21

7. Pleated Midi Skirt in Triple Stripe

Pleated Midi Skirt in Triple Stripe, $105, J.Crew

8. Striped Pleated Skirt

Striped Pleated Skirt, $18, Forever 21

You can also take a leaf from Mary's "Jolly Holiday" look — after all, you can't go wrong with fluffy white dresses!

9. Velvet Trim Lace Dress

Velvet Trim Lace Dress, $90, Topshop

10. Knee-Length Dress

Knee-Length Dress, $50, H&M

11. Openwork Detail Dress

Openwork Detail Dress, $140, Mango

12. Dress with Lace Trim

Dress with Lace Trim, $50, H&M

13. Metallic-Waist Tulle Skirt

Metallic-Waist Tulle Skirt, $20, Forever 21

And last, but not least, you can always take inspiration from Ms. Poppins' penguin friends.

14. Penguin Knit Sweater

French Connection Penguin Knit Sweater, $104, Asos

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Images: Giphy (3); Courtesy Brands