Steal Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl' Style

Who's that girl? It's Zooey Deschanel, AKA Jessica Day, the stylish protagonist of New Girl who has created an almost cult, quirky New Girl fashion following. I can't get enough. Ms. Deschanel has always been an eclectic dresser, favoring vintage inspired outfits and seen flaunting Peter Pan collars rather than modern, on-trend garments. I love that she has her own, unique style and doesn't allow peer pressure from the media or her celebrity peers to interfere with her innate style. I would like to think that Deschanel's character's style had been directly inspired by Zooey.

New Girl follows Jess Day and the everyday occurrences of her twenty–something life. After an horrendous breakup, Jess moves in with a trio of guys she's never met and chaos ensues, not just because of Jess' kooky nature. In fact, each of the characters has their own quirks and flaws, which make them come across as endearing, relatable, and totally normal.

IMO, New Girl is so popular because there is no such thing as "normal" and the majority of us are kooks in our own ways. Jess is really lovable and a more realistic role model than say the über fashionable Marissa Coopers or the paparazzi ready Elena Gilberts of the world.

If you, too, see yourself as a real life New Girl, then here's how to channel your favorite kooky gal in style.

1. The Check Shirt

Jess rocks an array of quirky styles from girly, vintage dresses to Elvis costumes. Here she is seen in a tomboy style, checked shirt finished off with her black rimmed spectacles and a glamorous red lip.

Denim And Supply By Ralph Lauren Checked Shirt, $14, Asos

Sorry Kermit, you were wrong: It is easy being green, especially in summer with this vibrant vert. If you want to give this androgynous shirt a feminine edge like Jess, wear your favorite lipstick shade or perhaps pair it with a skirt to give it a traditionally girly edge.

2. Anything Houndstooth

Houndstooth is traditionally a Scottish pattern and is often seen in the linings of coats and bags. For the fashion savvy, houndstooth is worn patterned across an entire garment such as Jess' houndstooth dress. The houndstooth pattern can come in large or small print; so depending on your preference, you can either go small and traditional or large and modern.

Kelly Sleeveless Dog Tooth Plunge Neck Bodysuit, $14, Boohoo

To stay seriously cool but still look smouldering this summer, choose a houndstooth bodysuit. Exude eccentric British fashion vibes and go vintage with a red lip and winged, black eyeliner.

3. Cardigans In Summery Shades

Jess is often seen wearing cardigans that add a cutesy Sandy vibe to her outfits. Here she's pictured in a lemon yellow cardigan, which is a perfect shade for summer.

Must-Have V-Neck Cardigan, $11, Forever21

Steal Jess' sweetheart style in this very similar cardigan.

4. Polka Dot Pretty

Ms. Day adores polka dots and is seen wearing this feminine, youthful pattern throughout the series.

Summer Book Club Top in Mint, $35, Modcloth

Follow Jess' lead with this super cute polka dot top complete with an adorable Peter Pan collar.

5. The Little Red Dress

When Jess wears a dress she tends to pick a vintage inspired number such as this lovely, long sleeved, bright red, skater dress.

Jackie Dress In Red Organic Moleskin, $198, Vautecouture

This scarlet dress was inspired by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, arguably a woman among many Millennials' favorite vintage icons. Do not fear animal lovers, the material is not actually made of moleskin — the dress is made by vegan clothing label Vaute Couture and the material of the dress is comprised of organic cotton and recycled fibers.

6. The Classic Striped Top

A stripy top is a wardrobe essential. It can form the basis of many looks and you can style it in several different ways. Striped tops look great layered with other pieces such as underneath dungarees, tucked into high waisted shorts, or even when channelling sailor style and paired with some wide legged sailor pants.

Striped Side Slit Tee, $18, Wetseal

Add a summery spin to stripes with a short sleeved tee complete with slit sides to keep you cool in the summer sun.

7. The Kooky Tutu

As you can see above, Jess is not afraid to play with fashion and she loves having fun with it. She has paired a quirky tutu with some color clashing yet epic tights.

Vintage Red Tutu, $44, Etsy

Take after Jess in this pretty, scarlet tutu. Style it with equally bright tights to create an eye-catching outfit like Jess'. Although you may want to wear a top with your outfit!

Images: FOX; Giphy (8); Courtesy Brands