How To Make Pizza Cupcakes That Are Way Too Cute

There are few sights in this world more beautiful than a large, cheesy pizza just waiting to be eaten — except for maybe a bunch of mini cheesy pizzas just waiting to be eaten. Enter, these adorable pizza cupcakes. I have always been of the opinion that mini foods just taste better, and the food gods at Cosmopolitan seem to agree. They have come up with what is hands down the cutest way to eat pizza I have ever seen — and I eat a lot of pizza.

A super cool riff on the famous pizza cake, these sweet bites of cheese and pepperoni are ridiculously easy to make. In fact, the recipe is downright brilliant in its simplicity. To make these babies yourself, you just need to thaw a frozen pizza, use a round-cutter to make tiny, three-inch wide mini pizzas, and then stuff them into a lined cupcake pan. Top them off with more cheese (duh), some pepperoni, and any other toppings of your choice, and then all that's left to do is to simply let them bake. Voila! Pizza magic.

I can imagine any number of scenarios when I would want these in my life — served at birthday parties, important office meetings, and at home by myself when I've canceled plans to hang out with the cat I'm pet-sitting... The point, I suppose, is to share these with your friends, but if I'm being honest, I'd be pretty fine just eating these all by myself. Sharing is caring, unless there's pizza involved. Then, sharing seems just plain crazy.

Anyway, here's what the recipe looks like:

Of course, if you are looking for other creative ways to get your pizza fix, there is a whole Internet full of ideas out there. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Pizza Cake

Ah yes, the pizza cake. It is a thing of beauty to be revered. Layer upon layer of cheesy pizza makes this a must-have, and while the recipe may seem a little intimidating, our tutorial shows you exactly how it's done.

2. Pizza Tacos

The best way to improve taco Tuesdays? By bringing pizza into the mix, obviously. Food blogger Oh Bite It folds frozen pizza into a taco shape, and then fries 'em up on both sides. Doesn't get much easier than that!

3. Pizza Dip

For those of you who have ever dreamed of eating a big bowl of melty cheese with a spoon, this dip by Averie Cooks is for you. Chips encouraged, but not necessary.

4. Pizza Wheels

Kinda like cinnamon rolls, only with cheese. You know you want in on this action. Head on over to The Kitchn to see how it's done.

5. Pizza Grilled Cheese

Behold, pizza grilled cheese, aka the most beautiful sandwich known to mankind. Public Lives, Secret Recipes just gets us, you know?

Images: Cosmo/YouTube; Oh Bite It; Averie Cooks; The Kitchn; Public Lives, Secret Recipes