How Olivia Pope Would Handle Major Style Mishaps

TGIT, guys! For all you Olivia Pope devotees out there, you know that today's the day that Scandal comes back into our lives after last week's season five premiere. Looks like Olivia's got a lot to handle this week with the news of her and Fitz's affair coming out, so Kerry Washington had to take the reigns on this one. PopSugar asked the actress how Olivia Pope would handle common style mishaps, and she had some pretty great tips.

Scandal may be one of the juiciest shows on television, but Olivia's outfits are just as exciting as the drama. Poised, polish, and classic, her style is everything a Washington D.C. power woman's should be — a lot like her. Kerry Washington's style is just as enviable; She may be a little more trendy and colorful than her character, but she always looks sophisticated and chic. A perennial red carpet favorite, Washington knows how to make the perfect statement. And the most important commonality between the two ladies? They wear their clothes, not the other way around.

But even the best of us run into wardrobe malfunctions, including the actress who plays the beloved character (and probably Olivia herself.) Here's how Olivia would handle three common style mishaps, according to Kerry Washington.

A Stuck Zipper

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"Add a little oil, get another set of hands. If it doesn’t work, pick a different dress," says Washington. Careful not to use too much oil, though, to avoid staining the garment.

Don't have another set of hands? Grab some tweezers and learn exactly how to get that zipper moving by watching this YouTube video from Howcast.

A Broken Heel

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"Depends on where you’re going, but if you need to buy shoes on the way, buy shoes on the way," she says. Near a drugstore or a convenience store? Pop in for some extra strong glue and see if that'll work!

Gorilla Glue, $3.42,

Ill-Fitting Clothing

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This would be Olivia's golden rule of styling: "Tailoring! It’s silly for any of us to walk into a store, pull something off a shelf, and think that everything is going to fit our body. There are a million different kinds of body types, and each one of us has our own version of our perfect body — meaning the body we woke up in today, not something we’re striving toward," Preach, Kerry.

"Even if it’s your local neighborhood dry cleaners that’s got a tailor in the back, just knowing that you can go somewhere," she continues. "Those pants that you love that should just be an inch shorter? Just go and do it for yourself so that you feel like your clothes look good on you." She's right: It's worth the investment.

Want to learn how to hem your own items at home? Buy yourself a sewing kit and turn to YouTube to learn just how you can DIY your own alterations.

Of course, I don't recommend altering anything expensive if it's your first time. Leave those pricey denim jeans to a professional.

To read all of the ways Olivia Pope would handle style mishaps, head over to PopSugar to read the useful interview in its entirety.