Did Mellie Leak Fitz & Olivia's Affair On 'Scandal'? We May Have Another Mole On Our Hands

Scandal has delivered some pretty shocking moments over the years, but last Thursday night's premiere finally delivered a reveal that's been five seasons in the making. Thanks to Sally Langston's latest news segment, Fitz and Olivia's affair is out in the open for all to see. But this time, it's not just word of mouth that could easily be fixed, or rather "handled" in a Pope & Associates-type fashion. Sally had actual proof to back up these accusations, including White House camera footage which showed the not-so-secret duo looking a little too cozy with each other for comfort. And although I'm intrigued to see how these two lovebirds deal with having their years-long secret on display, I'm also extremely curious to know how all of this came about. Do we have another Scandal mole on our hands?

The way I see it is, we have two options to consider, either a.) Sally's discovery was a combination of great reporting and dumb luck, or b.) someone leaked the evidence to her or at least pointed her in the right direction. But if it's the latter, then who could it have been? There are multiple people who know full well the extent of Liv and Fitz's relationship, so who would have the most to gain from making it public? Right now, my money is on the First Lady herself, Mellie Grant.

I mean, think about it — now that Fitz announced that he wants an actual divorce, Mellie (in a fit of vengeful rage) might've thought making Olitz's relationship known to the world would, in turn, be the best way to destroy it. Sure, at the same time, it kinda wrecks her marriage in the process, but Fitz was calling it quits with Mellie anyways, so she may have thought she had nothing to lose, especially since there's no proof that she's the culprit responsible for the leak.

Fitz warned Mellie that if she tried to halt the divorce proceedings that he would bring all of her baggage out into the open. (Like revealing that she's responsible for the death of all those jurors, for example.) However, a press leak can come from pretty much everywhere, and considering how Sally Langston has always been gunning to take Fitz down, she makes for the perfect scapegoat. It's a genius plan, really, and something Mellie is more than capable of putting together. (And I mean that in the best way possible.) In fact, I even sorta understand where she's coming from.

I mean, if Mellie really is guilty for leaking the story, can we blame her for doing it? She's watched in silence for years as Fitz yearned for another woman and treated her like she was yesterday's garbage. She may have her flaws, but Mellie has never deserved the treatment Fitz has given her, so a little revenge would be completely understandable. After all, there's no wrath like a First Lady scorned.

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