H&M Beauty Is Finally Here

Finally! H&M Beauty has launched with a whopping 700 products. Of course, the fast fashion brand celebrated the much-anticipated arrival of the expansive and all-encompassing range of hair, beauty, skin products, and tools with an event at the Herald Square flagship store, with makeup artist Vanessa Scali creating a variety of looks, ranging from boho to Victorian gothic to graphic to straight up glam.

It was only a matter of time before H&M added a beauty section to its offerings. Sara Wallander said in a press release, "We are very excited to offer 'fashion for the face' at H&M. It’s an opportunity to be inventive and creative, and to have fun with colors."

With the launch of the beauty range, H&M has become a one-stop shop. You can grab great basics, trendy pieces, and some lipsticks and lotions that were inspired by looks seen on the runway. How fabulous and convenient! Since H&M's calling card is translating runway looks at mass super quickly, makeup mavens will be able to hop on trends immediately.

The stores will feature dedicated beauty stations so shoppers can play with the products and try them out with the proper tools! You don't always have that option in a drugstore.

You're so speaking my language, H&M. That "M" should stand for "makeup."

Here are eight products you can't snooze on and those which grabbed my eye while paging through the vast options. I gravitated towards the premium products and ones cased in black, since they look sleek.

I mean, this is amazing. The range is just 300 shy of a thousand pieces. Every inch of your body is covered!

1. Get The Blues

High Impact Eye Colour in Stargazer will help you create amazing, blue-hued smoky eyes. ($6.99,

2. Purple Reign

Dark Spark is a fall-perfect violet. ($6.99,

3. I Felt It

The Precision Eye Marker in Jet Black is the product I'm making a beeline for. Will this be a Holy Grail felt tip liner pen? Could be... ($6.99,

4. Crush It

Based on name alone, I want to slather my body with Caribbean Crush Body Cream. Yes, please. ($7.99,

5. Divine Line

Dipliner Ink looks like another "must get." ($6.99,

6. To The Rescue

The weather is breaking and getting colder and I need something new and fresh to keep my lips in shape, like the Overnight Lip Rescue. It just sounds delish. ($9.99,

7. Don't Brush Me

If you travel, a wet/dry brush is a great, dual-purpose, space-saving tool. ($6.99,

8. Fluff Stuff

This Plush Kabuki Brush is dense with bristles that look so soft. I want to tickle my face with them. ($12.99,

All right, I'm out. I've got a date with H&M's beauty department this weekend. I'm about to get lost in their world of products.

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Images: Courtesy H&M (10)