Katniss & Finnick Reunite In 'Mockingjay, Part 2'

If you're not yet worried for Katniss heading into the final book in The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay — Part 2, well, you should be. Finally, a first Mockingjay — Part 2 clip has been released, and absolutely no sugarcoating is done to protect anyone from the harsh realities of the war they are about to face. Sure, none of what is said during the clip is anywhere close to the true horrors that Katniss still has ahead of her, but at least we get to see her in one of her few moments of happiness before all that. In that, prior to the battle ahead, Katniss and Finnick reunite in a moment that is incredibly sweet and touching, especially considering their tumultuous first meeting and the mountain of misunderstanding and mistrust they had to scale to become as close as they are now.

The clip opens with Katniss at an army camp, awaiting her instructions, when Finnick pokes his head in. We see Katniss give one of her rarely-seen smiles before running to him and giving him a hug as she asks if he cut his honeymoon short just to be here. (My heart, my heart.) Things quickly turn serious as orders are handed out, Gale mouths off to his commander, and we, the audience, get to see that there's basically nowhere they can go in this active war zone that they won't have to fight for their lives. The glaring absence of Peeta in this clip also seems ominous somehow.

Check out the clip below, and then check out the best moments.

1. When Katniss Is Brooding, As Katniss Does

She's spent her whole life having a lot to brood about. Plus, there's like a war going on.

2. And Finnick Strolls In Like He Owns The Place

Casually waltzing into a military encampment, NBD. Well, it's NBD when you're that gorgeous, I guess.

3. So She Smiles Like There's Not A War Going On Here

Not that we wouldn't all be that happy to see Finnick Odair.

4. And They Hug Like The BFFs They Are

If you listen closely, you can hear the clink of them exchanging the BFF bracelets they weaved for one another out of beads and their own hair.

5. So Then They Start Getting Their Orders

And those orders are basically you won't be on the front lines, but you're probably going to die anyway. Try not to die.

6. And Gale Is Like, "Listen, Bro"

Telling Gale he can't go near the main fighting is like telling a bibliophile he can't read a book. He's just going to do it anyway, and also complain about you beforehand.

7. Being A High Priority Target Makes Katniss Feel A Way

The way it would make me feel is like I want to curl into a ball and cry, but Katniss is made of stronger stuff than I. She just whips out brooding face no. 12.

8. While Finnick Makes Bad Hunger Games Jokes

To be fair, he didn't have a wide range of material to work with considering he had come from an awful situation and walked into an awful situation with more awfulness to come. It was either a Hunger Games joke or a joke about this being Katniss' happy face.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 comes out on November 20, and, honestly, November can't come soon enough.

Image: Lionsgate (9)