Will Smith Releases First Song In 10 Years & Other Signs He's Bringing Back His Rap Career

Having taking a long break from the rap game, Will Smith released his first song in a decade, a remix of Bomba Estéreo's "Fiesta." He apparently heard the Colombian dance group's track and liked it so much he asked them to collaborate on a remix. It is a pretty banging song, and it's nice to see Will Smith bringing U.S. attention to this popular Colombian band. Staying true to his style in a tame and funny verse, Smith raps about Sofia Vergara, Tesla, and wanting a beer...a.

Smith hasn't dropped a track since 2005, when he released the album Lost and Found to lukewarm attention. He's since focused on his movie career, becoming one of the most bankable movie stars in Hollywood and earning an Oscar nod. He also seems to have an awesome personal life, with children who are creative and successful in their own careers, and a seemingly very happy marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith. Despite those successes, he's shown some signs of wanting to return to the musical roots that launched his career in the late '80s. In addition to this latest "Fiesta" remix, here are some other signs that show that Will Smith might be about to make a rap comeback.

BombaEstereoVEVO on YouTube

1. He's Been Hanging Out With Rappers


And getting in on their feuds, as evidenced by the above video from Drake's OVO Fest.

2. He Was In The Studio With Kanye

Smith reportedly did some in-studio work with Kanye. "I’m thinking about it. I’m exploring," he said of a possible comeback at a screening of Focus.

3. His Kids Are In The Industry

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Willow and Jaden Smith have been releasing awesome music and they've immersed themselves in the industry. And apparently, Jaden gives his dad creative advice.

4. He's Recently Broken Out Some Beatboxing

He and Jimmy Fallon did an amazing job with "It Takes Two" earlier this year.

5. His Last Movies Haven't Done So Well

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After Earth wasn't exactly a critical success.

6. Nostalgia Is All The Rage

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Nothing epitomizes the '90s more than The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Smith would be smart to ride that wave.

7. He's Not Returning To Men In Black

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The news that he won't return to the beloved franchise suggests he might be ready to move on to new things, which in his case might be old things.

So, yes, it looks like Will Smith could be returning to the music industry, though it's true that he does have a lot of movie projects lined up, including Concussion and Suicide Squad. But that could also mean that he's planning an all-around comeback after a career slump of sorts. Who knows, maybe he and his kids will be competing on the charts before long.