'The And' Project's Latest Video Shows What Happens When An Engaged Couple Gets Real About Jealousy And Sexuality — VIDEO

Nothing is as simultaneously beautiful and scary as a close, inpersonal relationship. That's what documentary project The And addresses — both the beauty and the scariness of relationships — and the latest video to come from the series is no exception. Featuring Lynette and Corey , The And's new video shows what happens when an engaged couple get real about jealousy, sexuality, and so much more.

The And aims to explore the ways in which we connect with each other on a deeper level. The project pairs two people, typically a romantic couple, and seats them across from each other. The two take turns asking each other questions about jealousy, love, money, sex, and everything in between. No topic is off limits. This makes for some truly inspiring or seriously heartbreaking interviews.

The most recent couple to participate, Lynette and Corey have been engaged for four years and in an on-again, off-again relationship for even longer. The 10-minute interview starts with laughter; the adorable couple seems absolutely perfect for each other. Watching a happy couple just be happy is almost enough to make even the most cold, shriveled heart explode. But just a few minutes into the video, the questions take a serious turn and the tears — both Lynette's and yours — start flowing.

The couple goes on to discuss bisexuality, jealousy, and faith in a way that is uncomfortable at times, but very real. Whether or not you're in a relationship, this video highlights the struggles of sexuality, identity, and trust that we are confronted with in ourselves and in each other. There's definitely a lot we can learn from them.

Here's a little of what Lynette and Corey discuss in the video; scroll down to watch the whole thing:

1. Am I The Best Sex You've Ever Had?

"Am I the best sex you've ever had?" Corey asks with a laugh. Lynette laughs along, too, but quickly looks up and says "Obviously," with a giant smile. If you and your partner choose to have sex, it can be a very important factor in the success of a relationship. Communication and enthusiasm from both parties is imperative, and it sounds like Corey and Lynette can check both of those factors off the list.

2. What Do You Wish You Could Heal In Me?

Lynette asks this question to Corey, who thinks for a moment before talking about a time in Lynette's past when she felt alienated from friends, family, and community. Though the details of the situation are vague, it's important to find someone who takes things that are important to you seriously, respects your past, and aims to right those wrongs.

3. What Are You Hesitant To Tell Me?

Lynette reveals her fears about her musician fiancé's career — specifically, that he will be corrupted by the industry and this will damage their relationship. Yet, Lynette expresses this fairly — still being supportive of his goals, ambition, and talent while sharing her very real concerns.

4. What Is A Secret That You Have Been Too Afraid To Tell Me?

Corey seems pretty upfront and like he has little to hide. He mentions his ex and how he was still smoothing things out with her when he and Lynette were just starting to see each other. This kind of situation is pretty specific to the needs of the couple in question. Here, it seems like Lynette was genuinely content that Corey did what he felt he needed to do. I personally know I would have trouble dating anyone who was still figuring things out with a former lady.

5. Were You With Anyone Else When We Weren't Together?

Corey mentions that the couple has dated on and off over the years, and that Lynette has dated both men and women in the past. His curiosity gets the best of him and he wants to know if Lynette was with anyone else during one of their "off" times; specifically, he's curious about whether she was ever with a woman.

This is where things get tricky. Lynette mentions she might have drunkenly made out with an ex, but quickly backtracks and says she doesn't really remember. "It's not even a problem," she says. Corey wants a straight answer, and Lynette offers a lot of nervous laughter and little exposition.

This sort of discussion is often difficult for bisexual people; as Mic points out, common misconceptions about bisexual people suppose that "they're somehow more promiscuous than heterosexual people or more fickle because they can't 'pick a side.'" But Lynette and Corey do both handle it well; Lynette addresses how difficult it can be to communicate that sexuality isn't a binary, and Corey shows a capacity to learn about things he might have gotten wrong.

6. I Choose You

At the end of the video, Lynette does a great job summarizing the struggle of bisexual and sexually fluid women and men. She says it's not about what gender she chooses to date or has dated in the pat, but the fact that above all else, she chooses Corey as a person. What's most important is their love for each other and the trust built around it.

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