Model Sarah Snyder Rocks A Graphic Tee Like None Other — PHOTOS

Style can say a lot about a person and when it comes to Sarah Snyder, a model and the rumored girlfriend of Jaden Smith, she definitely voices herself through her clothes. The blonde-bobbed 19-year-old has great style, and besides her penchant for '90s crop tops, an enviable collection of sneakers, and body-con dresses like nobody's business, she also knows how to wear the hell out of a graphic tee. If I were an old fogey I'd say that Snyder has a "bad attitude," but in fact I'm a young, outspoken woman so naturally I love that she wears her crass sass on her sleeve — literally. Girls shouldn't have to sit down and shut up, and they can wear that attitude too, and Snyder has tons of cool casual outfit inspiration on her Instagram that features her collection of rad t-shirts, if you're seeking some tough style inspiration for autumn.

Besides her most recent sartorial statement of wearing her own mugshot on her shirt to her court date, Snyder loves a good band tee in black, vintage shirt, and lots of stripes, taking inspiration from skater girls and biker girls alike. Here are some of her bests from her shirt collection, and as a lover of casual-wear, I salute her.

A Dead Ringer

Vintage ringer tees always look great.

Camo Can Be Cool

Snyder wears a lot of camo in the traditional green, but here wears it in grey to blend in to the abyss. (I'm assuming.)

Synder Loves A Shredder

What's cooler than the skateboarding bible Thrasher Magazine? Their tee with their magazine's ubiquitous logo.

Support Your Local Female Biker Gang

Synder loves Harley Davidson shirts, and they are classic, but if she ever does get on a bike, I hope she's wearing a helmet.

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

More or less, yeah?

Black & White & Red All Over

You can't say she didn't warn you. I love this Kruger-style long-sleeved tee.

Send A Message

Patches, pins, and personalized apparel is on-trend right now, and Snyder wants you to know exactly who she is.

Get Nerdy

JK. The Justice League isn't nerdy anymore. It's just amazing.

When In Doubt, A Band Tee

Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Suicidal Tendencies, Led Zeppelin, Misfits: Snyder rocks them all.

If you want some style inspiration, follow the model on Instagram. She tags and links lots of her great tees (and other outfits!), so you can emulate that same DGAF attitude.

Image: Sarah Synder/Instagram