Where To Shop Knee Socks That Actually Stay Up

I am all about cute knee socks for winter, but it sucks when you find a cute pair that just won't stay up. Luckily, after years of trial and error, I've found where to buy knee-high socks that actually stay up no matter how long you where them! That's right, no more annoying knee sock rolls, I promise.

How can I be so sure of which knee-high sock brands work? Years (and years) of experience, my friends. I went to a small private school growing up and, on top of polo shirts, pleated plaid skirts, and black oxfords, I had to wear knee socks daily nine months out of every single year. Talk about outfit repeating.

While I was kind of emotionally scarred from wearing knee socks for a few years after leaving private school, I've recently come back around to them. They just look so cute paired with a mini skirt in winter, and are also great under pants to stay extra warm! And when you live on the East coast, you'll do anything to stay warm.

Each pair below has been tested either by me or my private school buddies, so you can feel confident they won't ever roll down!

1. Urban Outfitters Toggle Cuff

Toggle Cuff, $16, Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has tons of great knee-high sock picks, but I especially suggest the toggle cuff ones because they have just the right amount of spandex.

2. Xhilaration Knee Highs

Knee High, $3, Target

For classic white knee socks, Target Xhilaration can't be beat.

3. Free People Light Knee

Light Knee , $20, Free People

These socks from Free People hit just below the knee, and the ribbed elasticized top means they're not going anywhere!

4. Nordstrom Black

Black Knee High, $9, Nordstrom

Another classic cut, the five star reviews for these Nordstrom socks speak for themselves.

5. DKNY Ribbed Knee

DKNY Ribbed Knee, $20, Nordstrom

I am super in love with DKNY's ribbed knee socks! They're warm, cute, and never fall.

6. Strathcona Printed

Strathcona Printed Knee Highs, $36, Nordstrom

While I wouldn't have been allowed to wear these in school, Strathcona's printed knee-highs are now some of my top picks!

7. Merino Knee Highs

Smartwool Knee Highs, $24, Nordstrom

The warmest of the bunch, these merino wool knee highs from Smartwool are your best bet on the coldest days!

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters; Courtesy of Brands