Selena Gomez's "Me & The Rhythm" Lyrics Will Remind You Of The Power Of Music

Clear your Saturday night playlists. Selena Gomez just released the audio for "My & The Rhythm" and it is officially your new pump-up jam. Get ready to rock out because once you hear this track, it won't leave your head anytime soon. Gomez has been releasing tracks that skew more toward the sultry, slow jam end of things, giving us "Same Old Love" and "Good for You." However "My & The Rhythm" kicks things up a few notches, while also keeping the theme of the singer's mature sound.

The song instantly transports listeners to the dance floor, as Gomez croons on the first verse: "Ooh, the rhythm takes you over / Takes you to a different place / A different space / Ooh, the smoke is getting closer / I can feel our young blood race / Through cityscapes." I told you it's the perfect Saturday night song to have on repeat!

Gomez also gives a nod to the seductive element of music. That is, the way strangers dancing together can feel connected through the same song. "And everybody wants to be touched / Everybody wants to get some," she sings. "But don't you play a song about love / When I move my body / I don't have to talk about none / Let the chemicals do its stuff / 'Til the energy is too much."

One beautiful aspect of music, which Gomez touches on, is that listening to a great song can be a liberating experience. While "Me & The Rhythm" references dancing with someone else, it also implies that Gomez doesn't need another person to have fun on the dance floor. "Ooh, I start to feel it now / Feeling like I'm truly free / I'm free in me," she sings. It's truly a great song for celebrating the weekend.

You can listen to Gomez's "Me & The Rhythm" above and you can catch her new album Revival when it drops on Oct. 9.