Will Personality Help These 7 Actors This Awards Season?

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Positive visualization is a real thing, people. And when you've had as great of a year as the stars on this list, it's really not hard to do. With the nominations for the Golden Globes and SAG Awards already announced and the Oscar announcement not far away, we couldn't help but notice that a lot of this year's Globe nominees had an epic 2013. And an epic 2013 means and epic award season in Hollywood.

It's no secret that talented stars win awards — but stars who are talented, happy, functional in their personal lives, and Internet and social media-friendly have an even higher chance of taking home the golden statue at the end of the night. (And taking shots backstage). Just see previous wins from American Sweethearts Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon, and trophies for actresses with thriving personal lives, like Natalie Portman, who was pregnant and newly engaged when she received her statue. So we went through this year's list of nominees (and a few non-nominees that should have received nods) to pull the most deserving of awards season glory based on their performances off-screen in 2013.

From Jennifer Lawrence's non-campaign to become America's new sweetheart to Aaron Paul making "bitch" happen, 2013 was full of actors that just won at life. Now, all that remains to be seen is whether Hollywood will take that into consideration.

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